Best Money Tips: What You Need to Know About Social Security

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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money TIps roundup. Today, we tell you just about everything you need to know about Social Security, how to eat well on a poor man's budget, and what you can expect from Google Buzz!

Top 5 Articles

Social Security: What You Need to Know About Benefits, Coverage, and Eligibility — Let’s face it. Social Security is getting complicated (and a bit worrisome for many). This cool post gives you hard numbers, easy facts, and brutal truth about the program. Read up! Generation X Finance

The Best Steakhouse Dining Experience on a Poor House Budget — Maybe it’s the way that Amy’s photos make the asparagus look so good, but I’m considering trading in my dinner out with hubby for a home-cooked meal! These recipes are to die for, and the price is so right. (Do you think I can hire her to cook for us?) Mom Advice

Thrift Store Chic: Winter Boot Rack — “Ta-Da!” I love it when solutions can be so simple and cheap, like this post on how to reuse a CD rack to help clear muddy doorway clutter. Thanks, Jen!! Frugal Upstate

Google Buzz Explained — Just when you thought you didn’t have any more room in your life for another “social media” tool, Google Buzz has hit the scene. Get the dirt on how it works and what’s in it for you, via this illustrated post. Lifehacker

Solving 1099 Problems — You don’t have to be a “freelancer” to be qualified as a self-employed tax payer. Anyone who gets a 1099 will love this article, full of advice for handling those unexpected issues come tax time! Freelance Switch

Other Essential Reading

Free Cover Letter Examples with Cover Letter Tips — She’s at it again! Just another beautiful addition to her series on writing cover letters, you’ll get to see some freebies and a few great pointers for your next job hunt. Squawkfox

15 Decadent but Healthy Treats — While you may not see me fighting anyone for the last bite of mushroom quinoa, everything else on this list seems fair game for some serious noshing (including the Fudgsicles!). MainStreet

Online-Only Banks Explained — Before you sign up for an online account in hopes of cashing in on a great sign-up bonus, check out this simple explanation to why you may (or may not) find it to be a super deal. The Goods

Using a Restaurant Coupon? Don’t be a Jerk — Many food services workers can relate to the “coincidence” that concludes restaurant patrons who use coupons are also more likely to be rude. See the tips for avoiding this phenomenon before your server presents your next meal. Slashfood via Smart Spending

Text Message Your Way to Freebies with ShopText — Just when you thought there wasn’t another way to get free stuff, this new service lets you use your cell phone to text for them! Deal Seeking Mom

Thanks to Make It From Scratch for including us in their recent carnival!

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Thanks so much for highlighting the steak article, Linsey! I love your round-ups. Congrats also for your feature in All You Magazine! You should be so proud of yourself and what a great picture of your family and what women can do from home!!

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You are my favorite writer here. :)

Linsey Knerl's picture

Thank YOU, Amy. I have a hard time just picking one of your articles when I want to include good posts.  You have turned me into a hopeful homemaker once again (which I didn't think was possible for awhile.) And your solutions never involve digging into my savings account!

Mrs. Money,  that's very flattering!  I still keep my eye on your blog, too!  When green is simple for people, they're  most likely to try.  I appreciate that you communicate this message in your posts :)

Bless you for your comments!

Linsey Knerl

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Thanks for including the Social Security update; it was especially timely for our family. Wise Bread to the rescue, again!

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Social Security is broke. The trust fund has no money in it. Only IOUs. Most Americans don't know this. Our government took and spent all the cash.

This government has serious financial issues that they seem to just keep ignoring. There is an 800 pound gorilla in the room. If we pretend we don't see him maybe he will go away.

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