Best Money Tips: Where to Find Free Antibiotics

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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. In this article, we'll tell you where you can find free antibiotics, 45 of the weirdest college scholarships, and how to frugally and naturally fight seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Plus, see how you can make a macaroni to die for!

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Where to Find Free Antibiotics — Generic antibiotics usually run no more than $3-6 at most retail chains, but for some, even this can become costly. This list of stores that are offering free prescriptions can come in handy for anyone on a budget — just bring in your doctor’s orders. Mainstreet

45 of the Weirdest College Scholarships — Thinking of taking your “vacuum coating” art on the road? Why not turn it into a lucrative educational prospect, and apply for a scholarship through the Society of Vacuum Coaters? This, and 44 other unusual scholarship opportunities, await. Zen College Life

Frugally and Naturally Fighting Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) — This is a major problem for many people I know. When the days get shorter, depression can set in. Read this very informative and compassionate look at how to beat this condition without spending a fortune. Fighting Foreclosure: Getting Nine-Hundred via Budgets Are Sexy

6 Great Free Games to Dig Into Over Your Holiday Break — If these games didn’t look so addictive, I might bite. (Just be sure to schedule in a weaning period for getting back to work as usual when your break is over.) Great list of games! The Simple Dollar

Quick and Easy Christmas Decorating Idea — This simple, quick idea for transforming non-holiday framed artwork needs no introduction (just some wrapping paper and a nice sticky bow). You still have time to pull this off before your holiday guests arrive, too! Frugal Upstate

Other Essential Reading

5 Golden Rules of Snowflaking — As part of Lynnae from’s roundup of the 12 Days of Christmas (Revisited), we wanted to reintroduce you to this clever and simple-to-apply outlook on “snowflaking.” Yes, you really can pay down large amounts of debt in increments as small as $1.32. I’ve Paid for This Twice Already

10 Fun and Creative Ways to Make Hot Chocolate — It’s hot.. it’s chocolate. What’s not to love? These tasty variations will keep you toasty all winter long. BlogHer

7 Tech Tools to Supercharge Your Productivity in the New Year — It doesn’t take a new fancy office or life coaching sessions to turn over a successful new leaf. Start with these seven tech-related lifesavers and a great attitude! Life Scoop

Give the Gift of Good Advice — Sometimes, the best gift is one that keeps on giving (financial advice, that is). This roundup of personal finance must-reads contains a particular book that’s near and dear to us Wise Bread bloggers. The Buffalo News

Fancy Macaroni — This isn’t the most frugal meal ever, but it’s so delicious, we had to include it! If you’re a fan of bacon, fancy cheese, cream, and more cream… well, you’ll love this dish (and the photos!). The Pioneer Woman Cooks

This week’s carnivals: A big thank you to Studenomics for including us in their Festival of Frugality #209: My Birthday Sucks Edition!

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The article on SAD is not really about SAD, nor is it helpful to anyone who chronically suffers from this disorder. The post is interesting but is really about someone trying to adjust to a different daily schedule/sleep pattern, along with less daylight. SAD is a depressive disorder that causes much more serious problems than just struggling to get out of bed in the morning!