Best Money Tips: The Most Shoplifted Items of 2009

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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup.  This week, we tell you the final date you can order online and still get your stuff in time for the holidays, how to cook an amazing Depression-era meal, and what stellar deals you can expect at Walmart this Black Friday!  Plus, we'll share the most shoplifted items of 2009.

Top 5 Articles of the Week

Holiday Shipping Deadlines – Wondering if you just might strike out this Black Friday?  Thinking that online shopping is the stressless way to go?  Get the drop dead date for shipping in time for the holidays via this handy chart.  Coupon Sherpa 

Great Depression Cooking: Poorman’s Meal – While I’ve been making a version of this meal for years, I didn’t realize it was inspired from the Depression!  In this 6-minute video, 91-year-old Clara makes a meal from potatoes, onions, and hotdogs.  (The grown kids just love it!)  Charming and fun, it really makes you think about how good we have it.  You Tube: Depression Cooking With Clara 

Walmart Black Friday Ad: TV’s Top Deals – While the official Walmart ad has yet to be leaked in full, this preview from CNN Money is enough to wet your whistle.  With confirmed reports of a 50-inch plasma for $598 and select children’s clothing for around 3 bucks, there’s something for every budget this Black Friday.  CNN Money 

My Garage Sale and Thrifting Toolkit – Heading out to a yard sale with nothing packed in preparation?  You may be costing yourself more money.  This handy checklist of must-have items is just what you need to save time, and cash, when you head out to save.  The Simple Dollar 

The Most Shoplifted Items of 2009 – With the economy souring, there were some who turned to stealing to get what they wanted (and in some cases, needed.)  See the surprising list of things that flew off of store shelves in a covert manner.  (Hint: Maybe the clean-shaven thieves should consider reading our razor tricks.)  Main Street 

Other Essential Reading

Meatloaf Recipe:  Healthy Turkey Meatloaf Muffins – What a clever way to create single-serving meatloaves for guests this holiday.  With the use of ground turkey and some amazing preparation, you just may forget that these are also quite healthy!  Squawkfox 

7 Healthy Foods That Will Fill You Up and Prevent Overeating – Besides the obvious benefits to some of the foods on this list (they are high in fiber and protein), most of them are just plain yummy!  Add a few, or all, to your diet in moderation, and experience more satisfying eating.  Dumb Little Man 

The Best Credit Cards for College Students – I remember my first college credit card (a store card with a ridiculously high APR.)  This list of potential cards is well-explained, and includes extra tips for managing that line of credit in those first years of building credit.  The Digerati Life  

Make Your Own Medicine Ball for Classic Home Workouts – This clever hack for making your own medicine ball (which can run almost $20 apiece when purchased new), takes a few basic supplies and a heck of a lot of duct tape.  Great work!  The Washington Post Via Lifehacker 

Creative Cleaning with Everyday Products – When a precocious two-year-old meets a ball point pen, things get scary at the Baker household.  Check out this list of simple but effective cleaning products that you won’t find in your store’s chemical aisle.  Get Rich Slowly 

The Frugal Traveler: Piloting Low Fares at High Altitudes – While no one can argue that being flexible is the best way to keep airfare costs low, the ladies at The Frugal Traveler have a few other tricks up their sleeve.  Baltimore Sun

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Isn't she a sweetie? Along those same lines, I happened across and picked up a vintage Fanny Farmer cookbook. The back contained things we might never try in our day, like cottage cheese sandwiches. Certainly economical.

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is the 5th one mentioned.  We are looking are re-formatting these articles to be the most beneficial to our readers, and I appreciate your comments regarding readability.  We apologize for any confusion!

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