Best Money Tips: The X-Men Guide to Unlocking Your Financial Mutant Powers

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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. This week, we get all X-Men on your finances with an entertaining look at the financial powers that each character may hold. We'll also discuss the 11 holiday products that may be in short supply, the 12 scams of Christmas, and why you may not need that extended warranty on your next purchase.

Top 5 Articles of the Week

The X-Men Guide to Unlocking Your Financial Mutant Powers — Baker remembers vividly when the arcade game was released in 1992.Read his analysis of the major players (including bad guy Wendigo), and how they would use their unique financial powers to manage their money. Man Vs. Debt

The 12 Scams of Christmas — We often cover scams here on Wise Bread, but there are so many perpetrated during the holidays, that it is often difficult to cover them all.Read this list of the twelve most common, and get ready to protect yourself and your loved ones from fraud. Smart Spending

The Best Cheap Stocking Stuffer Ideas — My favorite holiday memories involve getting a nice ripe orange in my stocking (something that was a premium in my home). This list of affordable items is equally charming, and surprisingly, sugar-free! Coupon Sherpa

11 Holiday Product Shortages — Remember when Tickle-Me-Elmo was a hot property? Chicken wings and Zhu Zhu Pets may not be as hard to come by, but getting your hands on them may prove to be a challenge. Main Street

Why you Don’t Need an Extended Warranty — Buying an additional warranty on your next purchase may not be a good investment. Here’s why it may pay to pass it up. Consumer Reports Money Blog

Other Essential Reading

Chocolate Milk Instead of Red Wine — Looking for the benefits of red wine without the alcoholic indulgence? Read on to see why chocolate milk may be a suitable substitute. Healthy Theory

3 Ways Technology Makes Personal Finance Easier — If you’re clinging desperately to the paper ledger that comes with your check in order to keep your finances in order, you may be missing out. Check out these clever tech-based solutions for keeping your money under control. Life Scoop

Thanksgiving on a Budget: Presentation Counts! I love these ideas for making your dinner spread a bit more festive (and most of them are totally free!). Some of them simply require that you use what you have on hand and give that table some TLC. Life As Mom

The dealnews Guide to the Best Deals on Black Friday — This list contains “rumored” sales (as well as confirmed) and puts them in a handy list by product type. Here is where you’ll finally get the scoop on what store offers the best price on an HDTV. Deal News

Stat! How to Respond to Eight Common Emergencies — Before you go slathering mayonnaise on your child’s burnt hand (or worse, butter), skip the wives tales and check the facts. These tips will get you acting wise about everything from seizures to vitamin overdosing. Divine Caroline

We’d like to thank Lynnae at Being Frugal for including us in The Money Hacks Carnival! Head on over for some great reads.


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This is a lot of nice reading material. iam working on the 12 scams of Christmas at present.


John DeFlumeri Jr

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You don't know how excited I am to hear this. My husband and I are not drinkers, and my husband refuses to believe that any bit of alcohol could have a positive effect on a person. However, the man can kill 2 bottles of chocolate milk within a minute. LOL! Thanks for this information!

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I agree! Paying for extended warranty is an unnecessary expense.
Most products are designed to perform their intended function while being durable. I have never used the included warranty in any of the products that I bought. I think 1 year warranty should be enough.