Best Money Tips: Get 2.51% Cash Back From Your Taxes (Legally)

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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup.

100 money saving tips for beginners. Great suggestions ranging from practical (switch to term life insurance) to sneaky (remove your credit card numbers from online accounts) to philosophical (talk to your loved ones about your dreams), and of course, the sublime (make your own beer). The Simple Dollar

Get 2.51% cash back from your taxes. If you use the Citi CashReturns MasterCard. Five Cent Nickel

Beat the average investor's returns with the simplest portfolio. Not into compulsively watching ticker symbols dance across your desktop? Try this simple, hands off portfolio setup that yields surprisingly excellent returns. The Digerati Life

How to find the true long-term cost of mutual fund fees. A 3% management expense can eat up half of the growth of the investment! Doesn't that make you want to read the previous article? All Financial Matters

How to save a million at 45. Even if you have zero savings, it's doable if you invest $1,698 in your portfolio every month. But is a million enough.... Consumerism Commentary

Six evil ways stores trick you into spending more. Double coupons? Evil. Three for $9.99 deals? Pure evil. "Sales" that aren't really sales? Kitten poker evil. Free Money Finance

How to evaluate the pros and cons of working from home. Are pros like low overhead and extra flexibility worth the lack of human contact and increased distractions? Get Rich Slowly

Ebay no longer allows sellers to leave negative feedback. According to eBay, sellers are eight times as likely to use feedback retaliation than buyers, so the perceived threat from sellers is well-earned. Finally, I can get my Firefly action figures without fear. Mighty Bargain Hunter

Millionaire Mommy shares step-by-step guide to financial independence. With this simple guide, I've officially run out of excuses to get my finances in order.

Articles suggested by our readers:

  • You can save money AND the planet (Even if you must use disposable diapers). Queercents
  • Everything I needed to know about personal finance I learned from Carlton Banks. Frugal Law Student

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only going to get that 2.51% back from your taxes IF you owe the IRS taxes and end up paying this year by using your credit card. The other thing is you'd better keep track of paying your credit card bill on-time or else this could end up costing you much more than the 2.51%!

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Thanks for the link love (to my article "10 commonly-overlooked tax deductions for recent grads"), Will; it's driving some fun traffic!


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Thanks, Will, for the nice mention. You're the best!

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I had no idea it took so many medications to be Sponge Bob's alter ego. And so many hair care and make-up products too. It's not easy being beautiful.

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Great Blog and this was a top post. I will be adding you the blog to my blogroll so that my readers can discover it.


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Amy K

For me, I'll come out ahead by paying one of the Flat fee options rather than a percentage. I owe just under $500, so a $2.96 fee beats the $12.45 through or

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How on earth can eBay take the sellers rights away from leaving bad feedback? There have been times in the past when I got screwed by a buyer with a bounced check and my only retaliation was I was probably at fault for not letting the check clear, but still, its nice to have feedback for these types of situations. Im guessing a seller backlash brewing...

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Thanks for a great list! Nice summary of some really helpful posts from the financial web.