Best Money Tips: The Only 8 Personal Finance Books You'll Ever Need

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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup!

The only 8 personal finance books you need. After reviewing hundreds of personal finance and productivity books, only these 8 were interesting enough and reference-worthy enough for Trent to keep around. The Simple Dollar:

The only 7 investments you need. "Money Magazine is recommending that those wishing to build their net worth over a long period of time simplify matters by putting all their eggs into seven baskets in the form of mutual funds." Consumerism Commentary

Kill your junk food and pop addiction. Only change one habit at a time, and give each change at least 2 weeks to become ingrained. Dumb Little Man

Cheap and free ways to deter burglars. For one thing, don't leave tools and ladders outside. That just helps burglars by giving them the means and incentive to get into your house! Saving to Invest via Smart Spending

Buy a car with your credit card and earn big rewards. "Most dealers will let you put part of the car's price -- usually capped at $5,000 or less -- on a credit card and then pay the remainder in cash or by financing." Free Money Finance

Confessions of a department store credit card pusher. "They tell us if we can get someone to sign up, and be approved, that we have guaranteed that that customer will shop at our store, on average, three times more often than they would have if they didn’t have a card with our store’s name on it." No Credit Needed

Why absolute real estate auctions are big deals. "An absolute auction implies that a sale will occur as long as at least one person bids any amount on the item for sale." So if you were the only person to show up for that auction and you bid a dollar, you would get the house for a dollar. Mighty Bargain Hunter

$100 signup bonus from Discover Business card. "Keep in mind that anyone can apply for a business credit card. Simply enter you SSN if they ask for a taxpayer ID, and use your personal name as you business name." Five Cent Nickel

Top 12 personal finance podcasts. Money Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for a Richer Life, Marketplace, and Plain Talk on Investing tops JD's list. Get Rich Slowly

How much could you have if Social Security was your money. Imagine you were 22 when you started working back in 1978. Do you know how much money you would have if, instead of paying in the maximum Social Security tax over the last 30 years, you were allowed to keep it? All Financial Matters

16 hardcore tactics for cutting down your bills. These drastic steps aren't for everyone, but they will clear up your debt in a hurry. The Simple Dollar:

  • Rent out a spare room (or rooms) in your home - or share a house with another family
  • Buy a deep freezer, fill it with food on sale, and eat primarily out of it
  • Eliminate most beverage buying - switch to drinking tap water
  • Eliminate your land line and go exclusively to Skype. More

The secret to getting hired. The best way to stand out as an applicant is to create a portfolio for yourself. I Will Teach You To Be Rich

4 keys to frugal livingResearch, creativity, planning and waiting.  The America's Cheapest family share their frugal living principles on the Vicky and Jen podcast.

Write an email, save the planet. Our friend Colin Beavan is meeting Congressman Jerrold Nadler this Friday to ask for more stringent legislation on climate change. Colin would like to show Nadler (and Speaker Pelosi) thousands of emails supporting his position. If you'd like to help, go to Colin's blog, copy the form email, and send it to

You might remember Colin as the "No Impact Man" who lived a year without toilet paper. His no-impact lifestyle involved:

giving up toilet paper, consuming only food that has been grown within a 250-mile radius, avoiding all carbon-producing forms of transportation, no air conditioning (in New York! in the summer!), and buying nothing new.

If he can give up toilet paper, you can take two seconds to send that email. If you have a suggestion for the next edition, please share them in the forum!

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