Best Money Tips: Why Annual Budgets Are Better Than Monthly Ones

By Will Chen on 26 April 2008 1 comment
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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup.

Free drug samples can cost you money. "On average, patients who got free prescription samples spent nearly 40 percent more for medication during the six months they received samples, and nearly 20 percent more in the six months afterward, than those who didn’t." Free Money Finance

$1,200 worth of credit card bonus offers. Don't look past business cards just because you don't own a business. "Believe it or not, anyone can apply for a business credit card." Five Cent Nickel

Build a fully customizable footrest for $0. Get an 18" two-by-four and a piece of sponge scrap. Three nails later, you're in ergonomic heaven. Get Rich Slowly

The real cost of doing it yourself. "While you were being a do-it-yourselfer you weren't generating income from your regular job. Even if the professional that you hired was earning more money per hour, you must consider the work you're missing. If the plumber makes $100 and you make $75, then by doing it yourself you only saved $25 per hour." Alex Shalman on Dumb Little Man

7 ideas for your income tax refund. For example, consider making additional contributions to your retirement fund. In 2008, the per person contribution limit for Roth IRAs (in most cases) is $5000. No Credit Needed

Study show annual budgets are more accurate than monthly ones. "People tend to overestimate their expenses when they consider the entire year ahead. Actual spending will have a better chance of falling within the budget, and this success could motivate further budgeting." Consumerism Commentary

How to make money with an Ebay Store. A comprehensive guide from A Mighty Bargain Hunter:

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: What is it and do I need one?

Part 3: Starting and minding your business

Part 4: Obtaining product at the right price

Part 5: Setting up your store

Part 6: Streamlining your listing process

Part 7: Streamlining your shipping process

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Quote of the week:

"Don't count on an inheritance. We aren’t saying that you won’t inherit anything—just don’t plan on it." All Financial Matters in 5 things yours kids should know about money.

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