Big List of Birthday Freebies


You've been waiting all year for this one day and it's finally here! Take advantage of the one day of the year that people have to be nice to you. So nice, in fact, that you can got a lot of free stuff just because it's your big day.

For most of these freebies, you'll have to sign up for a free newsletter, which often times has coupons for the other 364 days of the year.


Applebee's: Free dessert

Benihana: Dinner certificate worth $30 to use during the month of your birthday

Bennigan's: BOGO entree + free brownie ice cream dessert

Buca di Beppo: Free appetizer (+ free dessert for signing up!)

Buffalo Wild Wings: Free dessert

Denny's: Free Grand Slam

IHOP: Free meal on your birthday (+ free meal for signing up!)

Johnny Rockets: Free burger

Maggiano's: $10 off coupon (+ $10 off just for joining!)

Noodle's & Company: Free dish

Outback Steakhouse: Free dessert

P.F. Changs: Free dessert

Red Lobster: Free appetizer

Red Robin: Free burger (+ signup bonus!)

Ruby Tuesday's: Free burger (+ BOGO coupon with signup)

TGI Friday's: Free appetizer (+ free appetizer for signing up!)


Barnes & Noble: Free cupcake and digital Tikatok book

CVS: $3 ExtraCare Bucks Hallmark: Free card + 20% off one item

Kmart: $5 Birthday Bucks

Desserts & Coffee

Auntie Annie's: Free Pretzel

Baskin Robbins - Coupon for a free 2.5oz scoop of ice cream on your birthday

Ben & Jerry's - Free ice cream

Caribou Coffee: Free coffee drink (just print!)

Cold Stone Creamery - Free ice cream (good for one week before and one week after)

Dairy Queen - Free ice cream cone (+ blizzard for signing up!)

Dunkin' Donuts: Free medium beverage (plus another just for signing up for their Dunkin' Perks program!)

Krispy Kreme: Free donut

Starbucks: Free drink

For Kids Only (Parents have to set up accounts)

Boston Market: Free kid's meal for their birthday

Burger King: Free kids meal for their birthday

California Pizza Kitchen: Free Kids meal for their birthday

Denny's: Free kids entree and sundae for ages 10 and under

Friendly's: free kids meal for ages 12 and under (with purchase of an adult meal, but good for a full month!)

KMart - $5 in Birthday Bucks, a birthday crown, a happy birthday certificate, and a birthday fun pack with surprise goodies.

Sonic: Free Wacky Pack kid's meal for their birthday

Toys R Us: Free gift card ($5, mailed to parents) and birthday card for kids 10 and under. Visiting a store nets a crown, balloon, and birthday wishes over the loudspeaker.

These companies are happy to give you something free in return for you having a good experience and possibly coming back or buying something else. Plus, usually shopping happens in groups, so getting your friend to buy something makes it worth it for them!

What other birthday freebies do you know about?

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Bob Evans sends a postcard for a free kid's meal when you sign up in advance for their birthday club. I signed up all 4 of my kids at the beginning of the year, and have received 4 postcards!

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I can't wait to sign up for all of these! Too bad my birthday is in October...

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That may not be a bad thing! Some companies require you to sign up for their emails at least 3-4 weeks in advance of your big day. So while you do have a solid 3 1/2 months, it gives you time to sign up and take full advantage of all the great deals.

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Choose carefully because most of these "freebies" are unhealthy and will shorten your life. You to have fewer birthdays.

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Why did you have to post a negative statement on something that is meant for a happy day???

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Remind me not to invite you to my birthday party, sourpuss.

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Excellent list of freebies. I just might have to sign up for a few of these.

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Sephora and Aveda give you a free full sized bath gel. You do not have to claim the bath gel on your birthday, you can go a week before or a week after. You need to be a Beauty Insider at is free. You need to sign up online at Aveda for email offers, etc.

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Hi Daniel,

This is an awesome list of birthday freebies, I love it! Unfortunately, I'm Canadian and most of these don't really apply to me.

However, here's a list of Canadian birthday freebies (for anyone else out there who's a fellow Canuck):

I'd love for you to check it out. Thanks in advance!

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Bennigan's has been out of business for years.

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Nope, I just checked.

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This is a good list, and good reminder about that you ARE signing up for the companies newsletters but its missing some really good ones.

Au bon pain, jersey mikes, which witch, and sticky fingers are just a few places with birthday freebies that weren't mentioned. I have links to these, and a lot of other ones that I think are worth signing up for on my blog at

I also really like the list compiled on hey its free:, with over 150 freebies listed, its pretty comprehensive, if not overwhelming.

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This post is surely a big help for me and hubby's easier decision making for our little one's big day. I am just so excited!