Big Savings and Free Shipping Through Monday at Ann Taylor Loft!

Ann Taylor Loft is one of those stores I can spend hours in, but I almost always walk away without a purchase. Why? The products are fabulous, but the prices don’t always fit my tight budget. This weekend, they are offering free shipping on all purchases (no minimum required), and dozens of too-good-to-be true deals. Check it out!

Free Shipping offer – This fabulous promotion, valid on purchases at and , is good on any size order, with no code needed. (Note that our friends in HI, AK, and PR are not eligible. Sorry.) Be sure that you select “Standard Shipping” or the cheapest available option. You have until Monday to get in on this rare savings opportunity!

New Reductions – As always, the Loft is offering some nice markdowns on some of their more popular pieces. Savings of up to 60% are showing up in all departments, including maternity. I didn’t even know they had a maternity section! (Note: as of this posting, the items were being quickly cleared out, especially the maternity pieces.) I like that the website allows you to filter the sale items down to just your size for quick and easy viewing.

Shoes are Buy One Get One 50% Off – Their selection is dwindling, but there are still a few adorable pairs of strappy sandals and these cute skimmers marked down to $14.99! You will automatically get 50% off the cheaper pair when you add it to your basket – no code needed.

Get $25 off your order of $50 or more, plus other great discounts! – This code has been generating deals for so many this weekend! It expires on 4/15, and you can get $25 off your order of $50 or more by using code 80200012. Pair that with a sale and free shipping, and you’ve got it made!  (Thanks to a wonderful Wise Bread reader for confirming the expiration date, and for providing us with these other codes:   20% off + Free Shipping on $100 Ann Taylor LOFT Coupon Code 10601358 [Exp. 03/30] or 10601375 [Exp. 04/27]  and  25% off on Regular-priced Maternity Order + Free Shipping Ann Taylor LOFT Coupon Code 104004109 [Exp. 03/31])

Teachers get an additional 20% off – Did you know that the Loft Loves Teachers? So much, in fact, that they will give you preferred pricing on items through their loyalty program just for instructors! 20% was the discount reported a few months ago. Sign up for the program at this link.

Like all great sales, the best of the goods are going fast. I was lucky enough to snag a few items before they were all sold out. If you try to save this weekend, let us know how you do!

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Ann Taylor loft frequently has coupon code deals, so don't feel like you have to buy this weekend to get a good deal. I've noticed their clothes typically sell out in a relatively short time period. I think this is a clever marketing technique, because it encourages impulse buying, knowing an item is not going to be around for long. I try to resist this sales pressure and remind myself it's not a big deal if something sells out, new merchandise is always coming out. I buy my work cloths at Ann Taylor Loft, so I've become somewhat of a coupon code hound. Here's just some of the coupon codes right now - notice they don't expire this weekend:

$25 off $50 + Free Shipping Ann Taylor LOFT Coupon Code 80200012 [Exp. 04/13]
20% off + Free Shipping on $100 Ann Taylor LOFT Coupon Code 10601358 [Exp. 03/30] or 10601375 [Exp. 04/27]
25% off on Regular-priced Maternity Order + Free Shipping Ann Taylor LOFT Coupon Code 104004109 [Exp. 03/31]

Here's another tip - if you can, try to divide your order into separate orders of around $50 each, then use the $25 off coupon code for each order. Just don't be tempted to buy more than you would have to get to that $50 mark. I bought 2 pairs of jeans for $54 each, but ordered them separately to use the 80200012 coupon code for each pair.

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Thanks for the tips!  I, too, love using the coupon codes, and I'm excited to see extra codes that include free shipping!

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Thanks for posting this. I hardly every check out online without a coupon code of some kind, but this is a nice deal with free shipping AND a coupon code.

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Evil, evil, evil! This store is one of my faves (along with Banana Republic) and I've dropped many hundreds of dollars (credit, mostly) at Ann Taylor Loft. The store is right next to my light rail stop, and I find myself fighting the urge to just 'go in and see' what they have.

Thanks for the sale tip, but me and my budget will have to pass. . . . (-:

Linsey Knerl's picture

Good for you!  I stopped short of buying another pair of flats.. Sometimes we have to keep our wits about us, no matter how great the sales!