Bruce Campbell: "A" Level Advice From a B Movie Actor

“For a long time I was embarrassed to say I was a 'B' movie actor. But now that I see what Hollywood's putting out, I realized 'B' actually means better.” — Bruce Campbell

Campbell has starred in over 80 films and television episodes. If you don't already know him from the cult classic Evil Dead, you might recognize him as the scene-stealing snooty usher in Spiderman 2.

Now you can see Campbell in a series of tongue-in-cheek Old Spice commercials where he will infuse new life into a classic brand. (You might want to watch it more than once to catch the sight gags.)


On Old Spice's ad campaign website, you can rack up some valuable experience learning things like:

  • How to avoid getting picked in a police line-up.
  • How to shake hands like a Siberian.
  • How to talk your way across an African border sans passport.
  • How to read aircraft gauges.
  • How to read football defense diagrams.
  • Animals you can ride and how you can ride them.
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