Get Business Start-up Tips from “Apprentice” Finalist Dr. Randal Pinkett

He heard Donald Trump say, “You’re Hired!” in Season 4 of the reality TV Show, and now he’s written a no-nonsense book for the startup entrepreneur.  He shares highlights from his new book The No Money Down CEO and gives us the scoop on keeping a business successful in tonight’s interview with Wise Bread. 

Even if you haven’t followed the reality TV series phenomenon of "The Apprentice" (although I’ve always been a fan), you have still probably wondered how much money you really need to start a successful, high-growth business.  While the economy has shifted since Randal began his series of business start-ups, his advice hasn’t gone stale.  We get the exclusive scoop on Randal’s life, business experiences, and book during tonight’s Living Large on a Small Budget radio show at 8pm CST. 

We cover: 

  • How much money do you really need to start a thriving business?  Do you need “angel investors” -- or not?
  • How can you use “bait and switch” to start a cash flow-positive business and then use it to pursue a dream business?
  • Is a college degree all it’s cracked up to be?
  • What can you learn from working with Donald Trump?
  • How can strength in numbers and teamwork help you in your personal goals? 
  • How does culture and ethnicity play into business today?

Join us tonight to learn about his guide to aspiring entrepreneurs, job-hunters, and regular guys and gals who just want more out of life.  We’ll be taking live callers in the bottom half of the hour and sharing our Trivia winners, too! 

Read more about Randal at his website or check out The No Money Down CEO book and CD bundle.

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