Buxr Review and Giveaway (Chance to win an Amazon Gift Card, Buxr Travel Mug or Tote)

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Buxr is a small, tightly-knit community of bargain hunters who share, review and rate the best current deals on the internet. You can find lists of freebies and discounts there, and they make it as easy as possible to save money.

Active Buxr members are rewarded with a chance to win daily cash prizes. They also award a monthly prize to the member with the most points, and to the top three people who invited the most friends to join. Members earn points by submitting deals, voting on deals, and commenting. All-in-all it’s an amazing deals site.

Buxr has done a lot to distinguish themselves from the other coupon sites out there, and worked hard to build a community, not just a list of coupons. Many of the members post and review deals regularly (the better to win one of Buxr’s frequent giveaways) and they make sure that everything is current and accurate. In fact, one of the very best things about Buxr is that you don’t have to waste your time searching for a coupon that actually works. Their staff moderates the coupons that users submit and makes sure they are valid before they go live. The users then rate and review the coupons so it’s easy to see at a glance if a deal has expired.

Buxr is sponsoring a giveaway for Wise Bread readers! You have a chance to win the following:

A $100 Amazon.com Gift Card

To be entered, use this link to visit Buxr and sign up to become a community member. They will randomly award the $100 gift certificate to one new member. Please do use the links in this article, otherwise they won’t know you came from Wise Bread and you won’t be entered.

One of Three $50 Amazon.com Gift Cards

Tweet this giveaway. Please use both @WiseBreadDeals and #LuvBuxr in your tweet so that we see it and count it. We will randomly select three people as winners.

One of 20 large reusable shopping totes or one of 10 double-wall insulated travel mugs:

Visit Buxr and have a look around. Then come back here and post a comment below with a link to your favorite Buxr deal. We will randomly select 30 winners from among those who comment.

Giveaway Rules: Contest ends Monday, September 27th at 11:59 pm CST. Winners will be announced after September 27th on the original post and Twitter winners will be announced via Twitter. Winners will also be contacted via email and Twitter Direct Message. You can enter all three drawings — once by leaving a comment with a link to a great Buxr deal, once by tweeting, and once by becoming a Buxr community member. Only tweets that contain both "@WiseBreadDeals" and "#LuvBuxr" will be entered. (Otherwise, we won't see it.)

Good Luck!

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Cool site! Already signed up for a bunch of freebies & am now looking into coupons that would be useful for me.

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Buxr is really neat - very easy to use, and it's fun to vote on the deals. I liked this one - a great value, and totally free: http://www.buxr.com/deal/free-ziploc-fall-meals-pack-get-3-ziploc-produc...

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Selene Montgomery

I like the Office Max 20% off purchase deal

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I'm getting 4 packs for my daughter! She collects these and trades them with her friends, and these will be ones that none of them have. She'll be thrilled!

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Jessie C.


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Jessie C.

I'm a Buxr community member.
tcarolinep at gmail dot com

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I like "Free Sample Cinnabon Cream of Wheat " because it sounds yummy, and I'm anxious to try it without having to buy a whole box.

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I like "Free Sample Cinnabon Cream of Wheat"

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Jack Bauer

Great Deal for a good cause:


Plus the poster is a great guy ;-)

Guest's picture

Cream of wheat samples . . . love freebies!!

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I have never heard of Buxr.com. But I intend to use the http://www.buxr.com/deal/40-off-1-regular-priced-item-at-joann-com_61929 so I can finish my T-shirt quilt.

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My favorite is the Think Geek deal.


Christmas presents for my geeky son!

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Meg Moen
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I like the JCPenny coupon code. I was able to get a great pair of rain boots for only $10 shipped. Great site. Thanks for the info and the giveaway!

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Oops! Forgot my link! I love Cream of Wheat and you rarely see it anywhere. Free is even better!! http://www.buxr.com/deal/free-sample-cinnabon-cream-of-wheat-2-off-coupo...

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Gotta love the $5 off $10 purchase at Ulta!

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I love Buxr! A free kodak printer after rebate! who can beat that. I never would of found this deal if it wasn't for them!

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I love Buxr and the free samples, like http://www.buxr.com/deal/free-sample-of-new-wisk-laundry-detergent_61951. The deals on Buxr are accurate and reliable.

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Robert in SF

I was just there last night and wished I had waited until I saw this deal!
Borders: 33% off List Price of Any 1 Item (In-Store + Online)

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I love Buxr! My favorite deal(s)? Any that I post! Like this one: http://www.buxr.com/deal/cj-banks-60-off-sale-bogo-50-off_62066

Seriously...Buxr is a great place. If you want to find deals, coupons and freebies, they're there. If you want to post and be a part of an extended family and great community, it's there for you.

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L. Ann

Love their Freebies pages (click on Hot Deals in top menu and then Freebies). I've received some great deals over the years here.

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I am a community member /kerri69

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I like the save 20 percent on sale items at the gap

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I posted that deal long ago and it just makes me laugh. There have been so many great deals on Buxr that it's hard to pick just one but this is one I've shown tons of people.

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debra rosario

Where else can you find such cool deals as this one for a purple hat for your dog?

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There are so many great deals, it is hard to pick just one! This one is good...http://www.buxr.com/deal/ulta-3-50-off-10-10-off-60_62356 Take $3.50 off a $10 purchase at Ulta

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We buy a lot of paint, so I like Sherwin Williams deal


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Buxr is a great community with some really great deals. There are so many to choose from, this is one of my favorites that was posted recently. http://www.facebook.com/SutterHome?v=app_152297238117374#!/SutterHome?v=wall

A great deal for a good cause and a fun night, who can beat that combination.

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Buxr seems like a great site. I like this one: http://www.buxr.com/deal/reebok-30-off-sitewide-free-shipping_62389

30% + Free Shipping?! I am all in! Thanks Buxr!

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I like this deal: http://www.buxr.com/deal/diapers-com-30-cash-back-on-diapers-w-all-75-or...

Nice to get something back when buying so many diapers. Thanks Buxr!

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L. Ann

Here's a great deal for the college student - George Foreman 36" Grill and Sandwich Maker (and free site-to-store shipping!):

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It was my understanding that there were more "gifts" available than there were people that commented....Also, "Winners will be announced after September 27th on the original post and Twitter winners will be announced via Twitter."

SO, who won??