Can't buy me love...but maybe I can buy happiness


Gretchen over at The Happiness Project claims that money can buy some forms of happiness. Her experience in buying some books she loves that will continue to give her a jolt of happiness whenever she sees them is a powerful argument against the old adages about not buying happiness. Having had similar experiences, this is very compelling. Whether or not it works for you depends on your personality, your spending habits, and what exactly you're expecting the money to do for you. But you don't need me to tell you all of this, because she said it first. Head on over and check it out.

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Yes, it can for some things. My boyfriend bought me a used Miata to replace the one that had been totalled about a year before. Now, I already had a perfectly good RAV4 - not as much fun as the Miata, but a useful, fuel-efficient car that gets about the same gas mileage as the Miata did (28-31 mpg) and has some room for cargo for house projects. But a co-worker of his was selling a Miata in excellent condition for a very good price that was the same body-style as my original 1994 Miata - with those pop-up headlights (the one he was replacing was a newer model with stationary headlights). When I asked why he would consider buying it for me he said "It would make you happy, which makes me happy." Well, I couldn't really argue with that, and he bought it for me. And you know what? Every time those headlights pop up when I turn them on going home from work at night, I get this huge smile on my face, and I chuckle. When he's in the car with me, and I turn those lights on, he looks at me and gets a huge smile on his face, and says "See - guaranteed happiness!" So not only did he buy me happiness, he bought some for himself! :-D