Carnival of Money Stories is Coming to Wise Bread!

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Wise Bread is hosting the next edition of the Carnival of Money Stories on Monday, March 19th. This is one of my favorite personal finance carnivals because it focuses on the personal experiences of our fellow PF bloggers. What can I say, I'm voyeuristic and nosy!

If you have an interesting personal story about money, it is not too late to submit your story.  The cutoff time is this Sunday, 3:00 pm CT.

Just so you know, I'm especially fond of stories saturated with gooey sentimentality, punctuated with moments of painful sincerity and ironic humor, wrapped up with a bittersweet ending where our hero learns a valuable lesson about how it is our differences that make us special. Kind of like a John Hughes movie, but with personal finance. 

A big thanks to Andy of Money Walks for giving us the opportunity to host. If you can't wait until Monday, you can check out the last edition here.

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Andrea Karim's picture

You know, Will, "voyeuristic and nosy" are THE two main qualities that women often mention that they are seeking in W4M personal ads. Just saying. :)

Will Chen's picture

Whew.  Good thing I didn't go with my first choice:  Needy and creepy!