Carnival of Pecuniary Delights: Sweet 16 Edition

Welcome to the Carnival of Pecuniary Delights, the Sweet 16 Edition.  This nifty carnival is the creation of Penelope Pince from Pecuniarities (aka Hermione from our forums).  We had the honor of being one of the first hosts of this carnival.  It is really gratifying to see this carnival blossom into a wonderful personal finance resource.

A big thanks to all the contributors.  I loved reading your stories and was delighted to add several new blogs to my RSS feed.

Editor's Picks

MLR from My Life ROI presents Tax Records You Should Save & For How Long. Some people shred too much. Some people file away too much. Either way, both groups are doing it all wrong! A look at how long we actually need to keep those tax documents filed away for!

Baker from Man Vs. Debt presents Negotiation Tips For Beginners.

Ray from Financial Highway presents Calculating Retirement Needs- A Step by Step Guide. Calculating savings and retirement needs can be complicated, here is a step-by-step guide to calculating retirement needs. You can download the FREE excel calculator.

Olivia from MooMama presents 100 Fun, Frugal Things to Do With the Kids.  #28 is my favorite.

FMF from Free Money Finance presents What I Learned From My Jobs in Graduate School.



A Toast to Hosts

Before we start the other sections, I would like to feature entries from some past hosts of the carnival.  This carnival wouldn't be possible without their amazing support!

Penelope Pince from Pecuniarities presents Resisting the Urge to Splurge. A guide to curbing the impulse to spend.

J. Money from Budgets Are Sexy presents Control Lifestyle Inflation Before it Controls You. When your spending starts to catch up with your income, you've got yourself a case of lifestyle inflation.

Kyle from Suburban Dollar presents Protect Your Identity - It Starts at Home.

Kate Kashman from The Paycheck Chronicles presents Stolen Wallet? Four Steps to Take.



Career & Business

Writer's Coin presents Not Enough Experience? Get Some. A lack of experience is what we're usually told stands in the way of a promotion or new job. There's only one solution: get some.

Pinyo from Moolanomy Personal Finance presents 5 Ways To Dramatically Improve Your Business Profitability.

Emily from Mama's Bloggin presents How a part-time worker can afford Health Insurance.



Frugal Kitchen

This is my favorite section of the carnival.  Every entry in this section was a close contender for Editor's picks.

Carrie Rocha from Pocket Your Dollars presents What Kind of Shopper Are you?

Nicole Morton from Being Frugal Is Fabulous presents Frugal Tip: Make Your Own Pizza.  Don't read this story on an empty stomach.  Nicole's pizza looks amazing. You have been warned.

RC from Think Your Way To Wealth presents 30 Ways to Save on Your Grocery Shopping or Food Bill.

Coming and Going presents Savings are always in season. Strategies on how to get time on your side to save money, particularly (but not limited to) groceries

Sarah Eliza from Devastate Boredom presents The Ultimate "Cheat Sheet" for Finding Organic and Local Produce... CHEAP!. The frugal lifestyle can be healthy and environmentally friendly too... without having to break the bank.



General Frugality

Jason from Redeeming Riches presents 9 Tips to Save on Gas Without Buying a Hybrid. Many people assume they need to buy a hybrid or an extremely fuel-efficient vehicle to save money on gas. There are ways to save money regardless of the kind of car you drive. Take a look at these tips to find out ways to put some money back in your pocket at the gas pump.

Frugal Dad presents Living Off the Grid.

Christina from Northern Cheapskate presents You Can Be Generous When You're Broke.

Shawanda Greene from You Have More Than You Think presents The Case for Frugality.  Shawanda's website is a beautiful implementation of the Thesis Theme.  Go check it out!

Buck Weber from The Buck List presents How to Camp on the Cheap.

Studenomist presents Building Confidence When You Have No Money. A look at how young people with a tight budget can improve their confidence with a few easy steps.



Personal Finance Anecdotes

Carlos M. Sera from Finacial Tales presents A Tale of Duty - Common Sense The Least Common of the Senses. "My father-in-law was a wise old Yankee from Massachusetts when I met him at the ripe old age of 63. He was 17 years older than my mother-in-law and since he had spent most of his career as a State Department diplomat, I would listen closely to what he had to say since his world and perspective was so alien to the one I knew. He was born in 1915 and like many of his generation his thinking was shaped by the events of the Great Depression and then World War II. His formal education was cut short due to financial hardship but that didn’t mean he stopped learning."

Mark Collins from The Debt Hawk presents My Student Loan Debt. Like me, Mark got tricked into going to law school.

Deonne Kahler from Life on the High Wire presents Financial Freedom in One (Not) Easy Step.

Kelly Whalen from The Centsible Life presents Fraud Alert!. "This post is all about being honest with myself, and my readers. I own up to not sharing everything, but more importantly I admit that I'm not always honest with myself."  I love confession posts.

Denise "London" Codia from "My Passions" presents No Cash for a Year.


The weakonomist presents What Happens When a Mutual Fund Goes Out of Business? Mutual funds are companies. And sometimes companies go out of business. So how exactly does this work with a mutual fund?

Silicon Valley Blogger from The Digerati Life presents Can Stock Trading Software Make You Money?

Eric from Narrow Bridge presents Investment Options: Stocks, Bonds, and Funds. Oh my!. This post discusses the wide variety of investment options. It is helpful for veteran investors and new investors alike.

Mike Piper from The Oblivious Investor presents Asset Allocation Pyramid. An adapted version of the food pyramid, used to visually explain the concept of asset allocation.

Mike S. from Your Personal Finance Source presents Introduction To Investing In Stocks. What type of investor should you be and when is the best time to invest?

The Smarter Wallet presents Fibonacci Retracement: A Technical Stock Tool To Predict Market Direction.

Darwin from Darwin's Finance presents The Riskiest ETFs on Earth - 3X Sector ETF Short/Long.



Money Management

Jim from presents How to Hard Reset Your Financial Life.  Jim had 12 bank accounts and decided it is time to stop the madness.

Matt Jabs from Debt Free Adventure presents Emergency Fund Is For Emergencies ONLY - 6 Ways To Leave It Alone.

Craig from Money Help For Christians presents Getting Out of Debt: One Simple First Step.

Brad Chaffee from Enemy Of Debt presents The Benefits Of Saving.

Madison from My Dollar Plan presents Microsoft Money Being Discontinued.

Jason R Fisher from Improve the Quality presents Spring Cleaning Your Finances.

Simon from Realm of Prosperity presents The Miser Story: Magic of Compounding.



Personal Finance

David from Money Under 30 presents How to Create a Five-Year Financial Plan. Learning to go beyond a monthly budget and plan your finances up to five years out will help you reach your goals faster by influencing decisions you make today.

Wojciech Kulicki from Fiscal Fizzle presents Resources for Buying Used Cars.

Joe Plemon from Personal Finance By The Book presents How Does a Debt Snowball Work?

CPF from Christian Financial presents Jitterbug cell phone review.  Is the simplicity more important than iPhone's awesome new features?

PT Money from Prime Time Money presents and Your Free Credit Score

DR from DoughRoller also had a great post on this topic: Versus – Where to get your free credit report.

Dave from Do You Dave Ramsey? asks Does Your Money Even Like You?

Toni Graybill from Maximize Your Health and Wealth presents What is Wealth?. Before you can truly say you are wealthy, you have to know what wealth means to you.

Thanks for visiting the Sweet 16th Edition of the Carnival of Pecuniary Delights. Next week’s edition will be hosted by Budgets are Sexy, so be sure to get your submissions in by Wednesday July 22nd, 6:00 PM EST.

Wise Bread is also hosting the Best of Money Carnival next Monday.  You can still submit entries!  Deadline for that carnival is Saturday July 18th, 6:00 pm EDT.

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