Cash In With Free Gifts From Your Baby Registry

Having a baby? Gift registries can be an easy way to ask for exactly what you need (and quite possibly get it.) If you’re OK with soliciting your friends and family for specific infant gear (it worked for me), you can score some extra treats, including $250 in free diapers!

These days, baby shower invitations come standard with extra pockets for including information on where you’ve registered for gifts. And while it’s tempting to go a bit overboard with the store scanner, if you can do it tastefully, you just might get what you ask for. If you’re certain that a registry is in fine form for your crowd, there are some worthy promotions that can help stretch the baby budget. Some are better than others:

Amazon’s $250 in free diapers promo: I’m never one to save the best for last. This deal from Amazon is actually quite good. Sign up for the Baby Registry and fill it with all the cool gear you really want. If friends and family purchase at least $750 worth of swag before September 30, 2008, you will get a credit for $250 towards Seventh Generation diapers. (I use these diapers, and they’re pretty awesome.) You have a year to use the credits, either all at once or on several individual orders of diapers. Purchases have to be made through the registry, but can be made from third-party sellers. (There are some cool ideas for gear on their top 100 registry items.) With cribs starting at a few hundred dollars, this is a doable promo that can net you up to 6 months of high-quality diapers!

USA Baby / e-mom Rewards: If you have a USA Baby store near you, this is a cool gift offer (and you don’t have to buy anything!) Just register at e-mom rewards to find the participating store near you. Each store will have a different incentive, and some of the current gifts include a pair of Robeez shoes, Mustela products, Tummy Honey Butter, Lollitops, a Bumkins bib or $25 gift cards! (Bloggers everywhere are reporting back that this is totally legit – I participated in something similar way back when, but USA Baby was only giving out teddy bears…)

Baby Dagny – This cute online retailer features some of my favorite baby products and a nice selection of organic clothing. They will also give you a free WubbaNub pacifier friend (valued at $16) for signing up for their registry and passing your list on to 10 friends! (The little purple frog is a handy gift for babies that are always losing their “binky.”)

Looking for other cool baby freebies? Here are some other nifty items that you won’t need a registry to be eligible for:

Nursery Water is giving away 100 Elmo diaper bag tags a day!

Parent’s Choice infant formula is offering a sample to eligible parents.

Sign up for the Juicy Juice newsletter and check the box at the bottom for your free sippy cup (this cup is a favorite at our house.)

Sign up to host a Fisher-Price House Party, and if you’re selected, you will receive 14 Fisher Price toys to share with friends and family! (This is legit – read about my House Party experience at Throw a House Party for Free.)

Baby deals come and go, but these seem rather promising. Please feel free to share any upcoming regional promotions here or at our forums!

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Randy wife and I have discovered that many people have *tons* of baby gear stored away that they would love to get rid of. So in lieu of a baby shower or registery, we're just checking around to see if anyone has extra baby stuff that they would like to get out of their house...

Nice article!


Linsey Knerl's picture

Very good point.  We did use many very nicely used hand-me-downs from family and friends (and were sure to pass the kindness on.)  But no matter how much used stuff we get, there is always a "special" need that we just can't seem to cover (a double jogging stroller, for example.)  And I know lots of folks with multiples that have a hard time finding used items in this area.  That's one situation where you may have to buy a few items new through a registry.

Craigslist has tons of baby stuff, too!  Thanks for your comment!


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Although all this is very practical, it is also very bad manners to include registry cards with your baby shower, party or wedding invitations. Inviting people to get you gifts is simply uncouth. Although when asked, it is perfectly acceptable to say that you need x or y, pushing your family and friends to rack up the points at your favorite store so you can get free stuff is simply not on. I get so tired of receiving requests for money and gifts from particular stores from friends and family who are pregnant or getting married. Bad manners, folks! Retailers are cashing in on us to make bigger profits.

Thanks for the tips on the other giveaway, though. Usually I enjoy your articles very much, but felt I needed to caution those who don't know about the poor etiquette of the seemingly now-universally acceptable registry grab. Please stop the madness.


Linsey Knerl's picture

Yes, I agree that the registry thing can backfire and is seen as tacky in many situations.  However, most showers I attend have always been very small, intimate affairs, put on by well-meaning family members who neither have the time or patience to run from store-to-store in search of something the new mom/baby may never need.  The gift registry cards were a blessing to many, as they could then just go online and see what was needed.  (Saving us an hour-long trip into town for an unecessary shopping trip.)  I say that it is all a matter of perspective and your social circle. 

Most registries can be hinted at without overkill.  A simple (we are registered at....) on a handwritten note can also send the message.  While not a requirement, gift registries can give inspiration for all kinds of less commercial gifts, including handmade blankets, clothing, and treats.  Sometimes people just want to get a feel for your taste, and the registry can do this.

I would never advocate that a registry is either a necessity or the end-all-be-all to a successful shower or new baby experience.  :)  I do appreciate your thoughts!


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For new parents (or soon to be) try the service called which is an email list you sign up for in your local area. If you have something to get rid of, put it out to all the group members who then contact you if they want/need it. It's a great way to recycle the things you don't need anymore and usually they are good communities. I don't have kids, but there are ALWAYS gently used infant/child/maternity/etc. products of all shapes and kinds available.


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FYI, I just tried the Baby Dagny offer, and most of the items on their site are sold out and won't allow you to add them to the registry. You have to add 5 items before you can email the registry to people, and I wasn't even able to find 5 that were not sold out. Just wanted to save some time in case anyone else is starting down that path! But I still want a wubbanub so maybe I'll try again later on.

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I registered on their site and never received my wubbanub and I also never got an e-mail from the. I have e-mailed them several times. They do not respond. DO NO WASTE YOUR TIME.

Linsey Knerl's picture

Thanks for the update.  I think this offer became very popular right around the time I posted it (coincidence, probably...)  I love our wubbanub (or rather my son does) so if you can get one on sale somewhere, it is a good investment!