Chase Credit Card Offers: Applications & Reviews

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Chase has long been a provider of popular financial services, including well regarded credit cards that offer cash back and travel rewards. Along with its consumer credit cards, Chase provides small business owners credit card options equipped with business tools and features for managing business finances.  

How to Apply for Chase Credit Cards 

Chase has made applying online fast and easy. Its website allows you to easily compare cards and once you apply, you'll find out within minutes if you've been approved. To make your decision a little easier without adding a credit inquiry that you might not be ready for, you can see if you prequalify online, as well. The application process for Chase credit cards is pretty straightforward. You choose the card you want, and then either enter your information to prequalify, or submit your application. 

Top Chase Credit Card Application Offers

Whether your spending varies from month-to-month or you’re looking for one of the best balance transfer offers available, you’ll likely find a Chase credit card that can provide you a significant amount of value in rewards or benefits. Chase cards are often considered leaders when it comes to travel, with many of its cards designed to reward travel purchases, hotel rewards, and airfare.  

How to Find the Best Chase Credit Card Promotions

  1. Internet – Our Recommended Option. If you’re searching for the best Chase card, their website is the best way to find the most current Chase credit card promotions. The application process online is quick and easy, and you can compare different promotions from the convenience of your home. Plus, you will usually find the best bonus offers and the most up-to-date promotions at In fact, many of the best credit card offers are exclusive to online applicants.
  2. Mail Offers. Mail offers are still a popular and easy way to get Chase credit card offers. However, these offers are sometimes limited and based on your demographic and location. You won’t always get the best promotion or the most current offer if you rely solely on the credit card flyers that come to you in the mail. Still, many mail offers include important information and credit card promotions, as well as the phone number or website address so you can apply for the card. 
  3. TV. Chase credit card offers also periodically appear via television ads, most recently starring Ellie Kemper, the actress known for her role as Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix. These TV ads generally provide a phone number or website like to apply for the credit card. While TV commercials are usually entertaining and catchy, they are limited to a short period of time and don’t include much information. In order to compare cards and examine the details of each Chase credit card, you would still need to look online. 
  4. Magazines/Newspapers. Believe it or not, magazine and newspaper ads still provide a large number of credit card offers. Like television ads, however, the information provided is limited to a small space. The other disadvantage of credit card offers in magazines and newspapers is that the information may not be the most current, and in fact, could be completely out of date. These ads usually include a phone number you can call to apply or a specific website URL, where you can find more credit card information.
  5. Bank Branches. You can also visit one of more than 5,000 Chase Bank branches if you want to apply for a credit card. This could be convenient if you already bank with Chase. Otherwise, you can usually get the information you need from the bank, or you can just apply directly. However, it will still be easier to do your research online first where you can compare cards and apply to the ones you’re interested in. 

Credit Cards for People with Excellent to Good Credit

Most Chase credit cards require excellent to good credit to qualify. Chase is also one of the few card issuers that does not provide credit cards designed for poor or bad credit. If you don’t qualify for Chase cards, you should consider a secured credit card for improving your credit rating. You can also find other balance transfer, travel, and cash back credit cards from our lists below.  


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