How to Be Cheap and Green

1. 10 Easy Ways to Be Nicer to the Environment and Your Wallet
Being frugal not only saves your wallet, but helps to keep the planet green. Here are ten easy suggestions for improving your lifestyle and the environment. -Nora Dunn

2. 10 Things I Never Buy New
Buying used things saves you money and helps the environment by keeping more stuff out of landfills. Here's are buying tips for 10 things I always buy used. -Paul Michael

3. 10 Ways to Go Green and Save Money at the Same Time
Want to help the environment, but not too keen on all of the expensive suggestions floating around out there? Here are 10 frugal ways to incorporate green living into your life without throwing your well laid budget plans to the wind. -Myscha Theriault

4. 10 More Ways to Go Green and Save Money
Loved the last list of ideas for going green and saving money? Here are ten more strategies to expand your green repertoire. -Myscha Theriault

5. 25 Ways to Recycle Old Jeans
Recycling fabric is a powerful green living and cost saving strategy. Denim is one of the coolest fabrics to do it with. It’s sturdy, gains character with age and can be acquired very inexpensively at yard sales or in your own “old clothes” closet. Here are 25 of the coolest ways to re-use your old jeans. -Myscha Theriault

6. Coincidentally Green: Saving the Planet When You Least Expect It
It struck me recently as I was working on something in the kitchen that what I was doing was actually quite eco-friendly. The funny thing was, I made the actual choice as a budget strategy. So I started thinking, were there other areas of my life where I was being “coincidentally green”? Here are 10 easy ways to be eco-friendly. -Myscha Theriault

7. Eco Travel: Going Green on the Road
Got it together on the home front, but having difficulty maintaining your green boundaries once you hit the road? Here are over 13 Earth friendly ideas to keep you green on the road. -Myscha Theriault

8. Green for Girls: A Feminine Perspective
Women, girls and super-involved eco dads interested in green feminine products, this one’s for you. -Myscha Theriault

9. Eat Locally on a Budget
Eating locally is trendy right now, and for good reasons. Local food is fresher, healthier, better tasting, better for your community, and better for the planet. Unfortunately, locally produced food is often priced like a yuppie specialty item rather than a basic staple. I've been looking for ways to add more locally grown food to our diet without breaking our budget. -Philip Brewer

10. Look Waste in the Face (and Save More Than Money)
It was only after I suffered a horrible year of remodeling that I began to realize how much my family uses, and how that is ultimately affecting my bottom line. -Linsey Knerl

11. How Baking Soda Took My Bathroom From "Yuck" to Yes!
All-natural, really effective grout cleaner for under a buck at my local grocery store (and the cost of a trashed toothbrush)? Or that $4 specialty poison that works almost as well and leaves me coughing and frightened for the little toes that walk over it days later? Is it really even a choice? -Linsey Knerl

12. The Ultimate "Green" Workout
Plant a garden! Get a great workout, get produce as fresh as can be, and save money at the same time! -Linsey Knerl

13. Urban Composting: It Can Be Done
Turns out you don't need a huge backyard to start composting. Almost anyone can compost their food waste. It's easy, it's cheap, and it's SO much better for the environment than just throwing all your organic waste into a landfill. -Andrea Dickson

14. The Plastic Bag Dilemma: 7 Strategies for Coping
Doing your best to remember cloth totes, but forgetting them from time to time? Is your storage container for those plastic grocery bags overflowing? Your secret is safe with me. Let’s see what we can do to put them to use. -Myscha Theriault

15. Pressure Cookers Save Money, Time, and Energy
Use less energy, cook faster and cheaper, and eat great! Who wouldn't want that? Here are tips for buying and using a pressure cooker. -Philip Brewer

16. 8 Great Ways to Recycle Used Containers
Ideas for reusing empty bottles and jars for more extreme green money savings. -Myscha Theriault

17. Extreme Thrift: 9 Tips for Going Green for Super Cheap
Feeling the financial pinch of your planetary eco-commitment? Right there with you. Following is a list of ideas to go there on the super cheap. -Myscha Theriault

Cheap and Green Tips from PF Blogs:

18. 101 Ways to Go Green and Save Money [Master Your Card]
All of these options will in some way help you save money, be it up front, through healthcare costs, or just over time. -Kristy

19. 10 Frugal Moves that Save the Environment [SavingAdvice]
True frugality is not just about saving money, although that’s often the most noticeable benefit and the reason people initially “turn frugal.” True frugality is about using fewer resources, getting more use out of existing goods, and throwing away less over a lifetime. -Jennifer Derrick

20. How to Clean with Baking Soda, Vinegar, and Water [Free Money Finance]
Get rid of your arsenal of toxic, harmful household cleansers and replace them with a cheap baking soda and vinegar. Here's a complete guide to where and how to make the switch. -MetaMommy

21. 7 Ways to be Green and Save Green [Bargaineering]
We focus on the difficult and expensive aspects of going green, because we commonly associate difficulty and expense with impact, rather than the relatively easy things we can do that can still make a difference. In fact, many of the easy things can save the Earth and a few dollars (and even a few pounds!). -Jim