Cheap Home Furnishing Ideas


The point of home decorating is to create a space that you can enjoy, so how much more would you enjoy a room if you saved big bucks while making a home out of your house? Find out for yourself by learning how to decorate on a budget and get the most out of your space and furniture. Get inspiration from four do-it-yourself projects that will help make your home uniquely yours.

Stretch Out a Small Space
You’ve finally found the space of your dreams, only it’s not as spacious as it ought to be. Have no fear. There are tried and true design tips that work, regardless of the size of your room or apartment. 

How to Cheaply Display Your Art
There are so many places nowadays to find good, cheap art, but framing said art can be one of the most expensive aspects of decorating your home. Well, there are plenty of ways to display your art that are still funky, fun, and cheap. 

Furnished For Free
Find out how to furnish an entire apartment at no real cost to you, aside from a little bit of time and gas. 

15 Home Decorating Ideas for Under $5
You don't have to break your budget keeping your home fun and stylish.

Decorating a Living Room for You and Your Money
You don't need a professional designer or a steep budget to help you feel good about your living room.  Here's how you can create a room you can really live in -- without gutting your wallet. 

Build a Bed for Cheap (and Look Good Doing It)
Sure, it's easier to buy the various components of a brand new bed from the store of your choice, but with a little creativity and smart investments in the parts that really matter, you can build a bed that feels good, looks great, and costs much, much less! 

Small Space Survival Strategies
Living in a small space doesn't have to mean a cramped lifestyle! Here are 20 suggestions to open up a crowded room. 

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