Cheap Hotel Room Promo: Get a Room at Super 8 for $8.88! (offer expired)

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*This offer has ended.

With a Super 8 located nearly everywhere, it’s a good time to try to get in on their amazing (yet possibly frustrating) $8.88 offer for the first 800 reservations each night. How do you do it?

Wait until 8 pm EDT (since this is when the promotion starts each day.) Go to Super 8’s website and click on the “Super 8 Rooms for $8.88” offer. Have your credit card handy. Search out the room of your choosing and be sure the stay is for one night and for a date between 8/8/08 and 12/30/08.

If it is after 8 pm, and all 800 rooms haven’t already been sold for the day, the website will allow you to book your room (limit one per person) immediately. Be sure to have your Wyndham Rewards account numbers already populated and ready to go!

Read the details so that you’re familiar with the terms and conditions. (Since this is a special promo, there are no cancellations, changes, transfers, or refunds. If you change your mind after your room purchase is processed, you’re out the $8.88 plus taxes.)

You may also want to pick out your hotel room online in advance of 8 pm, to be sure that the room you want is available and you get a chance to familiarize yourself with the different motels in the area you will be staying. Time is precious, so have all the legwork done ahead of time to improve your chances of scoring that great deal!

Super 8 has changed a bit over the past few years. Still one of the most affordable chain motels, it has held its position as a recognized leader in discount room-and-board. With the best of basic amenities, it’s a decent option for travelers looking for the right balance of cheap without being nasty. Their 8-point promise guarantees:

  • Free in-room high-speed Internet access
  • Free continental breakfast
  • Upgraded bath with hair dryer, adjustable shower head, and curved shower rod for more space!
  • Free coffee in your room, in the lobby, and even while you're on the road!
  • Kids 17 and under stay free (in adult family member's room)
  • Wyndham RewardsSM – Earn 10 points for every dollar you spend!
  • Cable or satellite TV with free premium channels
  • Guaranteed Best Available Rate on or your first night's free! (Read more about this kicky promo in Xin Lu’s article.)

Traffic will be high during the promotion period, so plan accordingly. (And don’t wait to get in on the good deal if you absolutely must get a room booked ASAP. It’s not worth missing out on a reservation.) This promotions runs until 8/15/08, so if you’re lucky enough to get one, please let us know!

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Guest's picture

Hmmm...that is a tempting price! How "basic" are the rooms? Anyone have some experience to share? We usually use hotels as kid-free getaways(I just posted about that on my blog this week, actually!), and I'd hate to arrange the childcare and go to the effort to leave and end up with a dumpy room.

Myscha Theriault's picture

Since we are trying to take a break from tenting every few days on our way down the coast, we might try to take advantage of this. Thanks, Linsey!

And Kristen, while it's been a while since I stayed at one, I don't remember them being too terrible. And if they now have internet, that's one of our main concerns. So, we'll definitely be looking into this.Wahoo! Affordable bedrest!!

Guest's picture

Kristen asked about the quality. It varies widely. Some of the newer ones are not bad, some of the older ones are fairly crude and basic. They are not swanky but some of the better ones have decent rooms and amenities. Some of them have indoor pools and such. We stayed in a nice one in Wisconsin, my hubby stayed in one on a business trip that he said he would never stay at again.

Probably the best way to get advice on individual locations is to go to and see if the location your thinking about has reviews or room pics posted by people who stayed there.

Myscha Theriault's picture

I didn't know about trip advisor. We will check it out.

Linsey Knerl's picture

I checked it out at 8:20 (I had something distract me...) and all the rooms were booked already.  I would suggest you try to get in right away if you want to take advantage!  I think as more people find out, it will be harder to get the deal.

Guest's picture

I've heard mixed reviews about Super 8 (I used to work in the hotel industry). The best thing you can do is research the location and look at reviews (kudos to Lucille!)

One thing I'd like to add is that it depends on what you plan to do. If you plan to spend very little time in your room (other than sleeping), then it might be worth the deal if it's clean and comfortable. For a romantic night away from the kids, splurge and go for something better (unless the thrill of a cheap motel is part of the fun...)

Guest's picture

I have heard nothing but hooker and drug stories coming out of Super 8's. Definitely get a review of the particular place first.

Guest's picture

For me, travel isn't about the room we stay in, that's just a place to crash for a few hours, so this is a great deal! THanks for sharing!


Paul Michael's picture

Definitely check out any place, even 3 and 4 star hotels have nasty stories.

Fred Lee's picture
Fred Lee

When I was single, staying on the cheap was a no brainer, and if the place was a dump with hookers and drug dealers, even better. Now that we have kids, we have become way more discriminating in where we stay. The kids couldn't care less, but my wife won't buy into the collegiate mentality that embraces filth and squalor. With that in mind, the most important issue, hands down, is cleanliness.

We've stayed at Super 8s, and they seemed fine, though we've never made a reservation for one. Seems counter to the whole approach to motels, but it is a great deal. So while this doesn't apply to the $8 deal, you can always check the room out before you sign the dotted line. I've yet to find a motel that made issue of this.

Thanks for the heads up, Linsey. Always looking for a way to save $$ when we road trip.

Linsey Knerl's picture

That each Super 8 is individually managed, so there is no guarantee that it will be of good repute or quality.  That being said, I challenge you to find any franchise that you can make the same guarantee -- at least Super 8 has been very cooperative of my needs in the past (and more than willing to reduce or refund my money if there are any issues -- hookers and drugdealers notwithstanding...)

You can't even get a basic tent campsite at most places for less than $12.  

Many people have reported success with this promotion.  And for those who are really, truly pinching pennies, it has been a blessing for them: last-minute business travelers, those going out of town for a funeral or other emergency, or even the couple needing a place to crash en route to a more romantic destination.

Good luck! 

Guest's picture

I am pretty sure I read somewhere it is $8.88 per person, read the fine print. I am going to give it a try though, I just need a place to sleep for a few hours, so I'm not that picky this time.

Linsey Knerl's picture

From the website:

"The promotional rate is only valid for one room night, per person, per website address for hotel stays through December 30, 2008."

I believe that this simply means you can only take advantage of this one time. I know of many people who have booked stays for them and their spouse. There was nothing that said they would be charged the $8.88 twice. Unless there are additional guest fees charged for a particular motel anyway, I don't think this would apply. But I could be wrong.

Guest's picture

Thanks so much for this info! I was able to book a room for a trip we're taking in November. The hotel is in Sedona AZ, and rooms are usually $140-$150 a night. We're just looking for a place to crash, and this fits the bill (and our budget!).

Linsey Knerl's picture

It makes me happy to see people getting in on this promo!  Vacationing can be such a burden -- this helps a bit.  Thanks for sharing your success!

Guest's picture

Thanks for the promo info. I just realized tonight is the last night.

For anyone who was able to get a there anything in particular you did to get thru? I've been trying since the promo started each night at 7:59 and STILL have no luck.

I need a room for our vacation to Orlando in September. :)

Keep me updated..


Guest's picture

Hi , thanks but I was not able to find the page, it says: How may we help you?
While we were not able to display the page you were looking for, we would like to help you find what you came here to do.
any clue why? they ran out? perhaps!

Linsey Knerl's picture