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We have a new site that's dedicated to sharing great tips and stories just for families. Topics cover money, entertainment, health, and all the things in between that come with family life. It's called Parenting Squad and here's a peak at some of the best articles so far:


Timeshare A Nanny

There's one big disadvantage to hiring a nanny: the cost. The cost differential is especially large if you only have one child. So we began advertising for nanny shares on Craigslist. We found another family who was also looking for our very specific qualifications. We interviewed one together and hired her. Affordability is not the only benefit to sharing a nanny. Here's a list of more, plus a sample nannyshare agreement to get your started.


Establishing a Babysitting Co-Op

The babysitting co-op is such an easy and sensible concept that it amazes me that everyone doesn't have one. This post will explain the kinds of co-ops, how to find or establish a co-op, and options for keeping track of points.


Children's Cosignment Sale Clears Closet, Yields Cash

Want to get rid of clothing that your kids have outgrown, find bargain kids’ stuff, make money, and raise funds for your favorite cause? Participate in a children’s clothing consignment sale or organize your own. So, how is it done? Here’s a guide that will take you through nearly all the steps…


Allowance and Kids: Teaching the Value of Money

It's a simple lesson: Children won't manage money well if they don't value it. Whether the problem is hording cash or overspending, there needs to be a firm foundation for establishing a fair value for the dollar in your home. Starting young and keeping at it can give your child a chance at the best possible financial future!


Pre-Pack Kids' Rooms for Sanity on Moving Day

Moving is hard enough on the whole family. If you go about it with a positive attitude and let kids help, pre-packing can make the whole process a little easier. Help kids look at moving as an opportunity to get in touch with materialistic tendencies and purge their environment of the inessential. In other words – get rid of the crap!


Pink Eye and the Small Guy: Get the Facts about Conjunctivitis

My son woke up screaming. Running into his bedroom, I was shocked to see both his eyes matted shut with some crusty green stuff. “I can’t see, Mama!” I dashed to the bathroom for a moist, wet washrag and began removing the matter from his puffy pink lids. It was gross. It was pinkeye. Find out what pinkeye is, where it comes from, and what to do when your child gets it.


Children's Music? There is an Alternative...

Everytime I heard the Wiggles I wanted to kill myself-or worse. But does that mean giving up on children's music as a genre? Absolutely not. There is intelligent life out there; you just have to look a little harder. Just like in the adult world, there is "Alternative Children's Music" which means anything from traditional blues arrangements to rockabilly. The following is a top ten list I've compiled that gets heavy rotation in our iTunes library. (Hint: Babies love the Visualizer option on iTunes).


A Different Kind of Mother

I could have a child who is eight years old now and I wouldn't even know. Many men probably think this kind of thing all the time. Since I am a woman, I recognize it seems ironic. But I once was almost a mother, in a different sort of way. I donated my eggs to a desperately infertile couple eight years ago this month. It was an experience unlike any other.


Yes, You Can Drink While Pregnant

The recommendation that has become conventional wisdom is that pregnant women should not drink any alcohol. We assume that this is based on solid research but it’s not. We assume it’s just as unacceptable in all countries but that’s not true.





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I've been dying for you guys to go live with this. Awesome!

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sarah k

cool-- my sister (a mother of a 17 month old) will love the new site. and i personally would like to read about the egg donation process on wisebread, if you are willing to share more details.

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hi sarah!
i'll contact the writer of the article to see if she would expand on her experience.