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Wise Bread has a brand new podcast called Dealista!  Each episode is packed with tips on how to find the best deals, freebies, and shopping tools that'll save you a fortune.

We would love your feedback!  We're running two contests:  $100 giveaway for iTunes users and another $20 giveaway for Twitter users.


Dealista iTunes Launch $100 Giveaway


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Guest's picture

Very thorough treatment of the title topic in each podcast. I learned some bargain tips that I had never heard before. The narrator is a little monotonous, though.

Guest's picture
Laurel Larsen-Sokes

Interesting, and I thought iPod was only for music. I'll need to continue to become more tech say to expand some of my commute time to listening to more than music!

Guest's picture

The content is great, though it definitely sounds as if the host is reading, I am sure that is just because this is new and it will improve with time. I learned a number of things in one episode of the podcast and will be keeping it on my subscription list.

Guest's picture

I love this format. I have always listened to the quick and dirty tips podcasts - Short but very informative. So far the topics are really good. I believe that shoppers should never pay full price!

Guest's picture

These are really detailed treatments of very specific things - not every episode is relevant (or interesting) to me, but the ones that are, are full of good information. The host needs to add some personality to her narration, you know, make it more conversational.

Guest's picture

I loved the content of the podcast. It covered a topic that I was very familiar with, but gave me a few tips I hadn't thought of and a new website to review. Will definately keep my subscription.

Guest's picture

I found these podcasts really informative, and were a pleasure to listen to; the narrators sounded a little stiff, but managed to keep enough inflection in their voices to keep it interesting. I can't wait to apply some of these tips and tricks.

Will Chen's picture

There SIX PRIZES and 7 comments so far.  The odds are pretty good folks!

Guest's picture

She sounds a little...robotic. The info is great, but I generally like podcasts that are a little more conversational. This kind of sounds like listening to an advertisement. I think I would rather read this, then listen to it.

Guest's picture

Olivia Says:
9/9/2009 8:05:08 AM
Very clear presentation of double couponing in's and outs. Looking forward to more tips.

Guest's picture
Nadine L

Though informative, I found myself losing interest. The person sounded like they were reading from a script. I like more of a conversational podcast, like they are talking directly to me.

I tweeted as well

Guest's picture

Can you offer a plain old RSS feed for subscribing to the podcast? I couldn't find one.

Guest's picture

I really liked the podcasts. They were very informative. I liked the Linsey's presentation better then the Lynn's. It seemed like Lynn was talking too fast. I will be looking forward to more podcasts!

Guest's picture

I like the basic topics. Oftentimes, the frugal podcasts cover really arcane or strange topics, but these are ones that I would actually use. The long "gotomypc" ad at the beginning takes up too much of the short podcast... I don't mind ads, but this seems to be out of sync with the length of the podcast. Looking forward to more!

Guest's picture

Glad to be subscribed to these podcasts! They have great info and are more realistic than most "money saving" ideas. Thanks!

Guest's picture

The first host seemed nervous and sounded as if she was running through her lines. It was easier to follow the second host. I'm so glad this podcast is broken up into several smaller pieces by topic. That way I can choose what is relevant to me.

Guest's picture
Karen Mead

I love the fun and funky music that precedes each tip. Lindsey has a very well-modulated voice and is pleasant to listen to. I like how easy it is to download and listen to the pod-casts on i-Tunes. The only real complaint I have is that Lindsey speaks too quickly. It was hard to follow along with what she was saying because she seemed to be racing through the dialogue. I did enjoy the info on rebates. Everyone thinks they are not worth the time, but they can net you quite a lot of money if you follow through and send them in. My favorite was the Double Your Coupons, Double Your Savings! podcast. I always use them and this was great validation for taking the time to shop at the stores who offer this.

Thanks for the podcasts, and the chance to win $100 Amazon GC!

Guest's picture
Janice R

Info is great but it sounded as if it was coming from a robot

Will Chen's picture
Will Chen

Robots are awesome!

Guest's picture

The amount of detail the speaker knew about how Target manages their stores was surprising, and made me want to try out the tips to take advantage of deals. Alas, my work schedule prevents me from going to a Target on weekdays.

Guest's picture
Susan C.

I listened to the Target episode by Lindsey and thought it was very useful. I'm an avid Target shopper, so I knew about some of the tips, but I had no idea there was a schedule to when items go on clearance. I learned a few other tips, as well, and will file that knowledge away for when I'm planning my next shopping trip!

Guest's picture
Cynthia J Shern

This has great content but, man 'O man, is it ever boring to hear someone talk in one tone! Someone needs to go to speach classes. They need to learn to read with excitement in their voice. I think if you got someone else to read the script, I would enjoy listening to the content.

Guest's picture

I am always looking for helpful hints and tips for saving money and getting bargains. These podcasts are perfect. They are not too long yet full of great information.

Guest's picture

I could really use this!

Guest's picture
Zany Moonites

Here we have free, excellent help in these financially troubled times. The information is thorough, comes in small packets and is concise. Way to go.

What's not to like? My primary knock is the ad, specifically not flagging it as an ad at the beginning. I almost quit listening then. Secondly, ad placement. I'm certainly no expert on advertising, but my own preference (after not having to have ads at all) is that you lead with your information, break part-way through with something like "Now here's a brief cutaway to pay the bills...." so as to avoid the question of actually endorsing the product then finish with the meat.

As to complaints about "reading" the podcast. I agree that a more conversational style is better--- but that comes with practice and experience. Perhaps delivery from an outline rather than the actual script would help. Key to dealing with time constraints is practicing beforehand and assiduously avoiding riffs.

That being said, I say HOORAY! for these podcasts and keep 'em coming. I'm a subscriber already.

Guest's picture

I love robots

Guest's picture
Tracey Berry

The Target podcast was very interesting

Guest's picture
Ed Nemmers

Cool beans!

Guest's picture

I thought the Podcast was very informative. I particularly enjoyed the Target one because it was extremely specific. I liked the more general topics as well (like double coupons, etc.), but I got the most value out of the Target one because it went into such great detail.

Guest's picture

I love the format of the quick and dirty - to the point - useful tips. Keep up the good work Wisebread!

Guest's picture

Lots of good information! One constructive thing I could say is that sometimes it sounds like she's reading an article, complete with section headings. A more conversational style would be better. But, overall, I really like her voice and don't think she sounds monotone at all.

Guest's picture

I subscribed to the itunes podcast and enjoyed the comprehensive and detailed info on the use of coupons especially the consumer reminder of self control and discipline to stay within budget.

Guest's picture

Snappy music, starts fast. Overall very professionally done. Deepen the timbre of the voice (make it deeper) and speak a little bit more slowly. But the voicework is clear, just a little bit rushed - slow down, deepen, breath & relax & it will be perfect. Try to talk to a person more & "read" less. You're presenting tons of information quickly, I find the information valuable- just slow down. Like your tip for calling in advance, it's often difficult to get or find a manager- stopping at the help desk might be good too.

Guest's picture

I like that your podcast is quick and easy to understand. You have fun tips and are geared well towards your audience. Thanks for letting know about this podcast, and I can't wait to receive more tips and interesing info on saving!


Guest's picture
susan smoaks

very good podcast. i love wise bread! this pod cast will be recommended to my friends!

Guest's picture

Frankly, most of the stuff in these podcasts is common sense and the rest I've heard before. I guess if you're new to living 'cheap' then they'd be useful though.

Guest's picture
Geoff Kaufman

I got an error trying to download the first three installments, but I was able to access the latest installment on double coupons. I admit I was a bit disconcerted by the ad at the beginning -- I was momentarily confused about what the advertised site had to do with double coupons! I knew the basics about how double coupons work already, but it was helpful to get specific websites to visit for info on deals and coupons. One other useful piece of info that I wasn't aware of was that stores often limit the availability of their "best deal" items, so the tip to get to the store early is a good one. Overall, I found the speaker's voice pleasant to listen to - she spoke at the right pace and clearly throughout. I would agree with other reviewers who say that many of the tips are common sense (e.g., taking multiple forms of payment to a store in case one isn't accepted), but I think I got enough new info to make this podcast worthwhile!

Guest's picture

Good start but I hope the author goes a bit more in depth because the tips seemed a bit obvious.

Guest's picture

I have never heard this before. What I know is ipod only for music

Guest's picture

I already knew about some of the topics, but a lot was new to me. I really enjoyed the podcast.


Guest's picture

Good podcast with lots of basic tips. Perhaps a little too basic for seasoned shoppers, but worthwhile nonetheless.

Guest's picture

I thought the podcast was very informative. I am a seasoned shopper but still found the tips to be helpful. Thank you for the chance to win!

Guest's picture

I can use all the help I can get on how to save and stretch my money. Informative and to the point. I have listened to four topics. I learned about a couple new blogs, sites and had no idea about Target's clearance schedule. Can't wait to learn more. Just enough time that I can listen to the podcast on my lunch. When I found this on ITunes, there were hardly any other podcasts about coupons or saving money. I'll keep listening. Keep them coming. Thanks.

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