Cinderella Wine: Gary Vaynerchuk's Nightly Deals Mean More Wine for Less Money


Let's face it...many of us enjoy wine, but don't always have the room in our budget to branch out and try new varieties.

But there is good news. Freshly launched website, Cinderella Wine, makes saving money on wine incredibly simple. Best of all, their rock-bottom special switches every night, meaning there is plenty of opportunity to expand into new wine territory without breaking the bank.

Gary Vay-ner-chuk

Cinderella Wine is the latest extension of Gary Vaynerchuk's Wine Library brand. Gary is a wildly popular video blogger, social media authority, and best-selling business author. Gary has leveraged hard work, passion, accessibility, and business instinct to build an intense relationship with his fans.

Part of Cinderella Wine's appeal is its close association with these other brands including, Wine Library, itself.

Site Features

If you're a wine lover the benefit is clear. The more money you save the farther your wine budget can stretch! Here's how it works:

Each weekday night at 9 PM EST, Cinderella Wine features one (and only one) bargain-basement special on a specific wine. The specific type, vintage, and cost will vary from night to night. Once the limited quality has sold out, the special is appropriately replaced with the graphic of a pumpkin (a nice touch...).

Is it really that good of deal?

Well, value is a fickle beast. And most of us will be drinking it, which means personal preference will play a big role in what is considered a "deal."

But Cinderella Wine takes transparent steps to ensure that the amount of money saved is clear. First, Cinderella Wine features a long list of ratings and professional reviews in the right hand sidebar. Another unique feature is the community focus and the comments section, which allows an instant snapshot of what others think of the wine and the price.

Cinderella Wine features the suggested retail price, their own (Wine Library's) regular sale price, and even the "best deal on the web" as quoted by the independent

Obviously, the special one-night price is always lower than the cheapest available. And we aren't talking by 10% or something. There is usually a large, noticeable difference.

Here are a actual examples of recent deals on the site:

Finca Sondoval '05

  • Suggested Retail: $49.99
  • Wine Library Sale: $31.98
  • Best Deal on Web: $31.98

Argiano Solengo '03

  • Suggested Retail: $69.98
  • Wine Library Sale: $49.98
  • Best Deal on Web: $37.34

Aldo Conterno Barolo Granbussia Riserva '00

  • Suggested Retail: $299.98
  • Wine Library Sale: $178.98
  • Best Deal on Web: $190.60

As you can see the the wine featured can vary greatly ensuring that overtime every budget, taste, and preference will have a chance to catch a deal.

Shipping Details

Every night there is an opportunity for free shipping. The number of bottles that you need to purchase will vary depending on the offer, but it is usually somewhere between 1-3 bottles.

The wine industry has a few select limitations on where they can ship, but you can find any additional information on the official Shipping Information page over at Cinderella Wine.

Final Thoughts

Nobody is claiming that this concept is original. Retailers, both in the wine industry and out, have been using these sort of "one-time deal" incentives to help build loyalty and get buyers in the door.

What I love about Cinderella Wine is their focus on community (active comments, ratings, and social media sharing options), their close association with trusted brands (Wine Library and Gary Vaynerchuk), and the fact that they go the extra mile to show as much pricing information as possible.

The only downside I can see is the potential to overspend your budget trying to take advantage of multiple deals. Just like with any opportunity, be sure you have a clear budget in mind and leverage Cinderella Wine to make it stretch even further!

If you'd like to stay up-to-date with the offers, you can sign-up for free e-mail alerts or follow @CinderellaWine on Twitter!

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Free shipping, and nightly specials, try new wines? All sounds good. Good holiday gift ideas.

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