Citi Credit Card Offers: Applications & Reviews

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Citibank has a long history of providing a number of financial products from bank accounts to credit cards that offer a variety of rewards programs. Their credit cards award points and cash back for different types of purchases ranging from everyday purchases to travel and others. In many cases, these cards include additional benefits for those who bank with Citi. Whether you are already a Citi customer or plan to become one, there’s a good chance you’ll find a credit card that suits your needs among Citi’s many options.

How to Apply for Citibank Credit Cards

Citi makes it simple and easy to research each of its products, with the option to apply for its credit cards online. This is convenient, especially if you aren’t sure which of the cards is best for your spending. You can compare the cards against each other before making your final decision and applying. In most cases, you will know if you've been approved within a matter of minutes.

Top Citi Credit Card Application Offers

Many of the credit cards from our partner Citi are among the best and most popular cards available. Whether you prefer cash back or points to redeem for travel, there are many options to choose from when it comes to Citi credit cards.

How to Find the Best Citi Credit Card Promotions

  1. Internet – Our Recommended Option. Because of the ability to research and compare your options, and the simplicity in applying online, our recommended option for finding the best Citi credit card promotions is online. With just a couple clicks you can find the most up-to-date promotions and bonuses and apply for the card you choose immediately. 
  2. Mail Offers. Among the many pieces of mail you get, you probably have a couple of different credit card offers, including those from Citi. Mail offers are still some of the most popular ways to get current credit card offers, but these offers are often targeted to a specific demographic and may not include the offers you will find online. Still, mail offers include special promotions, prequalification offers, and usually, a phone number and website to apply for the particular credit card. Go to, or to find current mail offers available. 
  3. TV. Like other credit card issuers, Citi also provides special promotions on TV through commercials and ads, especially when there is a new card like the current Citi Double Cash card. You can usually apply for that card with the phone number or website address provided in the commercial.
  4. Magazines/Newspapers. Whether you are in the dentist’s office or still keep up with your own subscriptions, you’ll encounter Citi credit card promotions in magazines and newspapers as well. These offers also include a phone number and website address for applying but aren’t always the most current or up-to-date credit card offers.
  5. Bank Branches. Citibank has nearly a thousand bank branches in North America, where you can apply for the credit card you choose as well as any other financial product you’re interested in. The offers at bank branches will be similar to the promotions you see on TV and online, and it may be helpful to have a live person helping you choose the best card.

Credit Cards for People with Excellent Credit

Many Citi credit cards require excellent credit to qualify. If you aren’t able to qualify for the Citi card of your choice, or you don’t find one that perfectly meets your needs, we recommend the following lists of the best balance transfer cards, low-interest rate, travel rewards, and cash back credit cards.


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