Colorado and World Series Fans Will Just Have to Wait



It has been a disappointing day of online turmoil at the Colorado Rockies website, as a surge in web traffic and a system outage by the sole ticket provider kept fans from being able to buy the much anticipated World Series tickets.

Several news stations across the country reported today that more than 8.5 million visitors hit the Rockies’ website in less than 2 hours today. That obscene amount of traffic, plus an outage at Paciolan (the only ticket seller for the Series), resulted in the halt of ticket sales until further notice.

While it is unsure if the crash was solely related to the record number of hits for the website (which Rockies’ officials have called a malicious attack), many people were not surprised to see this kind of failure after it was announced that this venue would be the only way to acquire Series tickets directly. (Have we already forgotten the pandemonium that ensued when the Xbox 360 hit online retailers?)

With lessons learned and a backup plan in place, ticket-seekers can try their luck once again Tuesday, October 23 at noon MDT. Fans can visit to get their tickets (limit of 4 per person), and once again, this is the ONLY way to secure tickets to the Coors Field games scheduled for October 27, 28 & 29 (if needed.) 

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