Confident People Have These 10 Things in Their Homes — Do You?


How do you measure confidence? The way you walk? The way you talk? How many friends you have? Maybe.

How about the things in your home? While there is no one true measure of confidence, there may well be some objects that confident people all seem to possess. So take a look at this list, and if you're lacking many of these, walk, nay, strut to your local homewares store immediately. (See also: Ambitious People Have These 10 Things in their Homes — Do You?)

1. Power Wardrobe

I know from experience that when I feel like I look good in the clothes I'm wearing, I'm inherently more confident. I'm sure you've felt that way at one time or another as well.

To feel confident in what you're wearing on a regular basis, however, writer David Bakke suggests that you invest in a power wardrobe so you can dress for success every day. A good way to get started on building your power wardrobe is to take inventory of your closet and get rid of anything that doesn't make you feel your best. And make sure that what you're buying to replace it fits properly, accentuates your assets, and detracts from problem areas, whether they're real or just figments of your self-conscious imagination. (See also: Build a Work Wardrobe for Any Job on a Budget)

2. Books — Especially Inspirational Ones

Your intelligence makes you more confident whether you realize it or not. Think back to your school days when you had a pop quiz and you were fully prepared to ace it. You were confident, right? It's safe to assume then that there's a correlation between the knowledge you possess and the confidence you have in yourself — in certain situations, at least — which often manifests itself in adulthood in the books you choose to keep on your shelf. In particular, if you have inspirational books (or books that inspire you) or books on self-improvement, it's a safe bet that you're facing the day with your head held high.

Kristy McCarley, CEO of the faith-based fitness startup Shazzy Fitness, agrees. "I've found that every successful entrepreneur I've ever met is also confident, and the common denominator is a passion to read," she says. "Confident entrepreneurs are not intimidated by new situations or new challenges and regularly seek sources of information to learn and grow. Look at any confident business owner and I guarantee you'll find that they have a set of books that have inspired them and a list of books they plan to read in the future."

3. Vision Board

A vision board is a collage of images, photos, quotes, affirmations and other positive items that provide you with happiness and motivation. A vision board is helpful if you're using the Law of Attraction (the belief that positive thoughts attract positive results) to set and meet goals, small or large. Rob Henson, who runs a consulting business with his wife, says that their vision board is crucial to their confidence. "It reminds us of what we are striving for," he says about the vision board. "Everything we want out of life is on that board. Why are we confident? Because each year we get to take something off the board because we worked hard to make it happen. That means we also have room for a new goal as well."

4. Organization

I know a lot of messy people. Disheveled, disorganized, and, in some cases, in complete disarray. It goes without saying that they're not the most confident people I know, and it's easy to see why. How can you be confident if your home is a mess? Where are those important files when you need them? Would you be embarrassed for your friends to see the way you live? Being unorganized is the antithesis of self-confidence, and, in fact, clutter may be the result of lacking confidence, among other things.

5. Exercise Equipment

Those of us who aren't so physically fit try to cover up our bodies as much as possible because we feel self-conscious and embarrassed. We can change that by joining a gym, or better yet, keeping exercise equipment at home to make fitness goals more accessible and convenient. And there are other benefits to exercising outside of an improved self-image. Pilates pro Kim MacKenzie says, "Exercise boosts endorphins and when you feel good about your body, you tend to feel better about yourself, and thus be more confident."

6. A Million-Dollar Check

Life coach Jason Nik, author of The Warrior's Odyssey, has made it his job to build client confidence. He recommends confident people who know they'll achieve financial success to write checks to themselves and frame it to help them stay motivated.

"In my experience, confident people have things in their homes that show the success they know they will achieve," he explains. "For example, confident people that know they will become wealthy in the future write checks to themselves. Before actor Jim Carrey became successful, he was broke but confident he would succeed. So he wrote a $10 million check to himself. He later became the first actor to receive a $20 million [per-film] salary."

7. Items of Personal Interest Proudly Displayed

These items could include musical instruments, artifacts from their travels, photos of friends and family, and things made with their own two hands, among other things. The message here is that confident people aren't afraid to place snippets of their lives around the house for everyone who visits to see. These items hold significant sentimental value for one reason or another, and they're proud to have them.

8. Religious Icons

In many cases, people of faith have confidence in their deity to do right by them, which in turn makes the individual more confident in themselves. To honor their faith and remind themselves why they're faithful to begin with, they keep meaningful religious symbols and items in their home.

9. Awards, Degrees, and Certificates

Sure, many people graduate college and go on to earn awards, but that doesn't make yours any less significant. Confident people realize that, and they're proud to display their accomplishments where everybody can see them. Some people will interpret this as being insecure — "why do you have to remind others of how great you are?" they're thinking — but haters are gonna hate. Let 'em. You've earned your success, and you should definitely strut your stuff about it in the privacy of your own dominion.

10. Guests

Confident people often like to entertain and host parties and guests on a regular basis. I'm confident in my social etiquette and hosting skills, and I love having people in my homes whenever I can. I want people to see my art, to enjoy my little luxuries, to have an opportunity to relax while I whip up a delicious meal. Their delight makes me happy and boosts my confidence even more. This is what I'm working for — to have a life of which I can be proud — and one that I can share with others. Because, really, what else is there?

Do you have suggestions on what confident people have in their homes? Let me know in the comments below.

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