Coupon of the month! $30 off a $30 purchase at ShopNBC.

It's not often a deal of this magnitude comes along, so grab it while you can folks. Right now (for a limited time, but I don't know how long...sorry) ShopNBC accepts a coupon that takes $30 off a minmium purchase of $30. Basically, it's $30 for free. Gratis. Nada.

The only stipulation I can find is that the $30 has to be spent on one item, not a bunch of items that add up to $30. No problem for me though, there's plenty on ShopNBC that I can pick up for just a little more than that price, making the item almost free.

I just did a little test run on a very nice purse for my wife (it won't be what I actually buy, she reads my blog and I want to surprise her). But as you can see, the $39.99 purse comes out at just $9.99 with FREE shipping! Items in jewelry, apparrel and watches are all FREE shipping for a limited time, too. Logically, this means a $31.99 item could cost you just $1.99 all in. Not bad eh?


Just click here , find something you want and enter the code W89089103. The site was running very slow for me when I did my test run, probably due to this amazing deal. But keep trying, you'll get a very nice deal for the weekend. Cheers!

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Great coupon. I found a nice set of bedsheets in the clearance section for 36.50, so with the coupon it was only 6.50, no tax and no shipping!

Many thanks

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It's a fabulous deal. Spread the word, let's get as many people a discount as we can before this one ends.

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Guest said the pages were slow, but this is ridiculous!!!
I'm waiting right now, for a page to load, and it' been about 3 minutes.
I've been on the site for over an hour, and I've seen about 6 pages so far!

Looking for that perfect item!!

Thanks, though!

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Buggy. Charged shipping and way too slow. No thanks.

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I was able to get on (I have a lot of patience)and place and order in my name and also one in my husbands. Lost out on a more practical item I wanted that was sold out, but managed to get myself (combined)a pair of platinum over sterling earrings that I will wear a lot plus a fabulous purse for under $15 total. It'll be really nice to get the items as my birthday is coming up and normally I couldn't afford to purchase things like that for myself on my budget. Thanks so much!

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Having two credits cards (and thus two accounts) really pays off here.
A note, however. I opened an account with one credit card, ordered, went fine. Tried to order it again, wouldn't recognize the code.
Friend opens account with his card, code recognized, so it looks like a one time deal.
But this should qualify as post of the year thus far.

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This was some very nice information. Appreciate you passing it along. I certainly took advantage of this promotion. Good stuff.

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Paul, your coupon deals should come with a warning label for those people who don't have a lot of time! Lol, thank you for the deal, but I just found myself browsing that site for a good chunk of time! I've got my eye on one of those purses...

Where do you find these things?!

Paul Michael's picture

so many of you found this helpful. Gotta love coupons.

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Awesome! I got a gorgeous sweater for 12 bucks, and this morning, it's not slow at all. Thanks! :-D

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its not recognizing the code for me :(

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Thanks for the code, but by the time I got to checkout, it's been voided: "We do not recognize this promotion code. Please try again."

Paul Michael's picture

these codes expire fast. Sorry folks, it was a great deal.

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I got an awesome bracelet with the code, and it showed the discount at checkout, but in my confirmation email, the total showed the original amount.
I called, and they are going to look into it within 5-7 days.
Meanwhile, the bracelet will probably come in the mail.
I guess I better not open it till I see that the $30 was taken off, cause I don't want to pay a trillion dollars to send it back!
(I hope it works...I'm excited to get it!!)

Anyone else notice this in their confirmation emails?

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It worked for me about 8 hours ago. But not on any of the electronics. Page was fast too. However the first time I tried, they removed the code at checkout, but I redid it and it worked fine the second time.

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I'm on the phone with customer service right now, trying to cancel my order.
They said the coupon code did not work, because the item I bought with it, was on clearance.

Now they are "trying" to cancel my order, but can't, of course, and I'm waiting to speak to a manager.
I do NOT want $40 taken out of my account, when I thouht I was gonna spend $10.

Well, it was a nice coupon code.
I hope it works for everyone else and they don't have to go through this hell, like me!

-Good Luck!

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Customer service said they will TRY and cancel the order, but it's probably too late now.

I told him the coupon WAS accepted when I checked out.
I SAW the total as being $9.99.
I should have copied the damn page, and saved it.
I tried telling him this wasn't a great experience for my first ShopNBC order. But that didn't work.

I can send the item back using their "smart label", and they'll take the postage out of my credit when they get it back. He said it's about $7.

So now I'll be out $7, for NOTHING, in the end.

Sometimes, coupons just are NOT worth it, I guess!!!

My Husband's gonna kill me.
I feel horrible, and I have this sinking feeling in my stomach right now.
This is SOOOOOO opposite of my WiseBread mentality.

They said I could "refuse" the delivery if it comes, but they can't be responsible if it gets lost, and of course, they won't credit it.

I'm so sad. I was so excited about the bracelet. I never get to buy fancy designer stuff. I really hope you all have your good luck with the coupon code, because I am sickened now.


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Why would you rush to a site that you hadn't visited before and search for something to buy from it, just because it has a good coupon offer? If I buy something I wasn't planning to get, $9.99, $5.99, or even $1.99 is too much to pay. They probably just want you on their mailing list (not to mention they're counting on people spending enough to make the discount meaningless to their bottom line).

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Just wondering if anyone else got their stuff yet, and if their coupon codes actually worked, in the end.
(Mine obviously did NOT.)
I got my item today. How bitter sweet.