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A freelance writer interested in using a frugal lifestyle to make more travel possible.

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How to Host a Traveler: 13 Tips to Keep it Safe, Easy, and Cheap

Here at Wise Bread, we know that couch-sharing services, such as Couch Surfing, can save you money when traveling. As good as this sounds, many have reservations about hosting stra

Sleeping In Airports For The Stranded And Frugal Minded

Whether it's an unplanned layover, a means of making an early flight, or simply an attempt to save money on accommodation, the season of sleeping in airports is upon us. I know, I

Frugal Living Lessons From The First Thanksgiving

Here in the United States, Thanksgiving is a holiday governed by some fairly specific traditions. We know that these traditions are mostly modern inventions, but on some level we a

Make Your Own Deal Tracker

Deal-a-day websites like Woot! and Steep and Cheap are great places to go if you need a new piece of travel gear or gadget, these sites can be a great way to find it for cheap. Unf

5 Easy Recipes Perfect for the Traveling Chef

All you need is a basic, stocked kitchen and widely available ingredients to prepare these travel-friendly recipes.

Your Couch Can Earn Cash And Support A Band

By now, anyone interested in budget travel has heard of CouchSurfing. While the site has obvious advantages for travelers looking to meet locals and save money, but it can also be

Facebook For Budget Travelers

For the frequent traveler, Facebook is an excellent way to keep in touch with friends and acquaintances from around the world. Is it possible, however, that the popular social netw

Can AirNinja Find Airfare Deals?

AirNinja is a niche tool for finding airfares. It specializes in returning the smaller budget and regional airlines large sites like Kayak.com ignore. It is a tool that could, pote

Don't Greenwash Your Holiday

From hybrid car rentals to carbon offsets, green hotels to conservation oriented vacation packages, the number of options now available to the environmentally conscious traveler ar

Europe Reborn As A Budget Destination?

I had written off Europe as a possibility for the budget traveler long ago. I did it with great difficulty, because I know from experience there is nothing like the food, history,

Free Travel With Postcard Fun

At the same time nostalgic and alluring, nothing epitomizes travel so much as the postcard. Whether decorating your home, revisiting old memories, or making new friends, a little f

7 Reasons To Take The Bus

Low cost airlines are finally taking hold in the United States, offering a greater range of route options and discounts. At the same time, concerns over security, environmental imp

Frequent Flier Programs for Infrequent Fliers

Use these tricks to maximize frequent flier miles and use them in creative ways to get the most benefit with the smallest credit.

How Do You Spend Money When Traveling?

The urge to save money is a defining characteristic of the budget traveler. But is there ever a time when it is actually a good idea to spend money? If it will healthfully support

Keeping The Budget In Budget Travel

To save money for your vacation you crafted a detailed budget and stuck to it. Now, with your bags packed and ticket in hand, you are ready to put all the of preparation and planni

How Haggling Taught Me About Life

I used to be afraid of bargaining. The thought of haggling over a price, or even asking for a discount, was embarrassing. Then I began visiting countries in which haggling is expec

Volunteer to Travel: 11 Opportunities for Free or Very Cheap Travel

Here are 11 options for free or very cheap travel through volunteering.

Use Safe Driving To Save Gas During The Last 6 Weeks Of Winter

The Groundhog predicted that we will have to endure six more weeks of winter. This means more snow, ice, and cold that can reduce your car's efficiency by up to 50%. Fortunatel

Travel Planning With Class

Bring up class and most people start to get touchy. Unfortunately, it's an unavoidable reality when traveling. Different groups of travelers define themselves and others by cla

Save 50% On Your Passport Application?

By 2009, passports will be mandatory for all US citizens traveling abroad. If you were planning a trip to Canada, Mexico, or the Caribbean, this could mean a rather substantial add