Discount your cellphone bill using work email

By Greg Go on 20 December 2006 13 comments

You might be able to get a discount on your personal cell phone bill simply by using your school or work e-mail address. Nearly all cellular providers have deals with businesses that extend discounts to their employees and their families.

Here's how it works: You (or your spouse or kid) work for XYZ Inc. XYZ has a business account with T-Mobile. Your family has a shared cellular plan. T-Mobile and XYZ might have a deal that extends discounts to employees' families. You punch in your (or your spouse's or your kid's) work issued e-mail address to see if you qualify. You'll get a response detailing the discounts for which you qualified. The cellular bill every month thereafter is 25% off. (Maybe. Discounts vary by provider and even among individual accounts.)

If you have a university e-mail address, you should give that a try as well. Many students are also employees of the school.

Just to clear up any confusion, we're talking about your personal cellular account! Yes, your personal account that you signed up for outside of your company. That's the beauty of the discount.

We're not cheating the system here, these discounts have always been available, but not a lot of people know about them. Bad marketing on their part means when you tell your friends this trick, you can feel all smart and savvy.

It just takes a few seconds, and with a potential 25% off discount, there's no reason not to go do it now!

For AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint, you just need to enter your work e-mail address into a one field form. That's it. They'll let you know by e-mail if you qualify. For T-Mobile, you need to login to your online account — it's easy, just punch in your phone number.

Each carrier has slightly different policies, so be sure to read the fine print or talk to customer service if you have questions about your specific account.

I didn't qualify for a discount because I'm using a different provider than my employer. But 25% off... it might be worth switching when my contract is up.

Has anyone had first-hand experience getting this employee discount?

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This really works! I got 15% off verizon just for linking my account with my work email. They were promoting this at work, so I called up verizon and got it done in 5 minutes. My friend got 20% off but his plan was expiring soon. Maybe that made a difference. YMMV but it worked for me!

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You don't have to give them your work email. All you have to do is walk into a cellphone store and ask about any business discounts for monthly plans. Bring your last paycheck stub or employee badge for them to verify your employment.

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This worked for me too, but not as well as it did for Simeon.  I got 2% off.  But that's 2% more for me to spend as I choose.




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How about you guys tell us what companies are eligible for the discounts or colleges so we can create a e-mail with that and put it up there??

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How about you guys tell us what companies are eligible for the discounts or colleges so we can create a e-mail with that and put it up there??

Who Said anyone wanted to help you steal from the phone company?? Put in your adress if you have one. My company offers a discount program. I just found out by yep you guessed it I put in my work e-mail. Thanks For the Tip saves me $120.00 + a year

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the verizon link doesn't seem to be working anymore...

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i read this and went to the verizon website and put in my university email address and got a 17% discount on my bill. awesome haha.

the link on this page to the verizon employee discount page is broken but just go to and there is a tab for 'business' where you can check your eligibility.

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I tried my school email adress on verizon and it told me I should get 15% off, I'll most certainly be using this this fall when I have to switch!

Thanks again!

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TMobile has a lookup for employee discounts.

We got 15% -- but we did have to switch the name on the account. No big deal there.

Did in the 5 minutes after I read the article -- will save me a lot, as we have a lot of family phones.

It is 15% off all regularly billed items, not taxes, roaming or overage minutes.

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Hi, my name is zameer, and i had a question about getting a discount on my cell bills.
My carrier is t-mibole and I work for CVS/Pharmacy. Am i eligible to get discount, if yes how do i get it, do i call t-mobile or do i have to contact my hr department of my job!

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I get 25% off from sprint per month.

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THIS i need to see for myself BEFORE i'll believe this..!!, anything that sounds to good to be true, USUALLY IS NOT true..!!