Don't Forget to Nominate Your Favorite Blogs for the 2013 Plutus Awards

Nominations for The 4th Annual Plutus Awards are officially underway! The amazing Luke Landes (aka Flexo) from Consumerism Commentary is bringing back the awards for a fourth time to recognize the best personal finance blogs from around the web!

What makes being nominated for a Plutus Award (and just the awards in general) so awesome? Journalist Donna Freedman explains:

It really IS an honor to be nominated for a Plutus because it means other writers are not just reading you, they're remembering you. Your words have made an impact. That's why I was delighted to win the 2011 "best blog contributor/freelance writer." Approximately six bajillion articles get published online every day. To be noticed, to be remembered -- well, it made me a little sniffly. In addition to the ego strokes, the annual competition is a great chance to help other writers. If you think the world should know about, say, -- just to pull a name out of thin air* -- because it's a "Best Kept Secret" kind of blog, then you can nominate that site and get other people over there to read it.

Thanks, Flexo, for creating a showcase for our words. Plenty of people do this for love, not for money; relatively few can make a real living writing. That makes the awards even more important: You're getting noticed for something that you do for readers, week in and week out, in addition to your day job.

*Okay, so I didn't exactly pull it out of thin air. But I still think you should vote for it.

Nominations opened on August 11th and will end on September 23rd. You can make your nominations here! Finalists will be revealed on October 1st, then a panel will vote for the winners in each category. Winners will be revealed at The Plutus Awards Ceremony at FinCon13, hosted by the extremely talented and hilarious Kevin from Thousandaire! (Spoiler Alert: I will be performing in the opening musical number along with a few other personal finance bloggers, don't miss it!)

You can make up to three nominations per category. The categories are as follows:

  • Best New Personal Finance Blog
  • Best Personal Finance Blog for Young Adults
  • Best Personal Finance Blog for Retirement
  • Best Designed Personal Finance Blog
  • Best Green/Sustainability Personal Finance Blog
  • Best Canadian Personal Finance Blog
  • Best International Personal Finance Blog
  • Best Religious Personal Finance Blog
  • Best Investing-Focused Personal Finance Blog
  • Best Debt-Focused Personal Finance Blog
  • Best Frugality-Focused Personal Finance Blog
  • Best Tax-Focused Personal Finance Blog
  • Best-Kept Secret Personal Finance Blog
  • Best Multimedia for a Personal Finance Blog
  • Best Personal Finance Micro-Blog
  • Best Researched Personal Finance Blog
  • Best Collaborative Blogger Project
  • Most Humerous Personal Finance Blog
  • Best Blog Contributor or Freelance Writer
  • LIfetime Achievement Award
  • Blog of the Year

Be sure to take some time to nominate your favorite blogs!

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