Don't Have A Sven? Sandy Might Be the Next Best Thing


If you've seen AT&T's latest smartphone commerical , then you know just how handy having a "Sven" would be. Sven tells you when to get up, notifies you of your daily schedule and reminds you of things you need to know to get the most from your day.

Wouldn't it be great if we all had a Sven?

For those of us that don't, Sandy might just be the next best thing.

I recently posted a short list of great online services to help you manage your to-do's. Not only did the list get a great response but one smart WiseBread reader pointed out that I had left "Sandy" off the list (thanks, Rob!).

I hadn't used Sandy before but after checking it out, I decided she was worthy of her own post, not just an amendment to my already published list.

So, just who is Sandy? And why do you need her?

Sandy ( is your online personal assistant. She'll remember birthdays for you and even remind you when they're coming up. She recall phone numbers, dates, meetings, to-do's and even your grocery list.

You can even have your stuff delivered to a desktop reader via RSS.

Want to receive your reminders on your cell? With Sandy you can! Get your reminders sent via email to your Blackberry, Palm or iPhone or just have Sandy sent you a text message.

She can lookup your lists based on tags you create and she can even sync with your Twitter account.

Granted, she doesn't hand out sweaters when its cold like Sven does, nor does she help you evaluate your stock position.

But hey... she's free, she won't take vacations and she works 24/7... let's see Sven top that.

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City person to country person, my interest is piqued. We're moving from the Bay Area to the wine country in a month. One and a half hours but worlds away in some senses. I can't wait for the huge garden and horses and stars. Organizing becomes even more important... I'll be trying out Sandy

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I've been using Sandy for a few months now and can highly recommend it.

Of most use to me is its twitter integration, meaning that I can send all sorts of snippets of information I want to remember during the day via my cell phone and have it all there when I'm back at my computer or even sent back to me in sms.

I find the notes feature of most use. Give it a try, it is free after all so nothing to lose.

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...for the name drop! I am glad you are enjoying Sandy's assistance as much as I am!