Double-Duty Protection: Multipurpose iPad 2 Cases


Gadgets and their accessories are expensive — that's why it’s in your best interest to take care of them as best you can.

In the world of iPad 2, there are lots of cases to choose from, but many of them don’t do anything more than keep the device safe from falls.

To get the most out of your iPad 2 case and the fee you forked over for it, consider a product that serves more than one purpose. Here are four from which to choose. (See also: Frugal Advice for the Gadget Addicted)

Griffin TechSafe Locking Case + Cable Lock

I fell in love with this case as soon as I saw it — especially since I like to travel with my iPad 2 (to the library, Starbucks, etc.) and I encounter a dilemma when I have to use the bathroom. Do I leave my device on the table and hope I’m surrounded by honest people, or do I pack up all my belongings and drag them to the john? With the Griffin TechSafe Locking Case + Cable Lock, which also includes a stand, that choice is easier. Like locking a bike to a rack, the combo lock component clamps the case shut on one end while the hardened-steel cable wraps around a secure table leg. Now I can relieve myself with the security of knowing that my iPad2 isn’t going anywhere.

booq pad Agenda

Similar to a portfolio, the Agenda iPad 2 case from booq pad features a fabric-covered exterior (made with more than 90% recycled PET fabrics and post-consumer materials) and an inside that safely stores the iPad and includes other compartments for a pen and doc storage. Also included is a 50-sheet notepad made from unbleached, acid-free, 30% minimum recycled post-consumer content. It goes without saying that this case is one of the greenest and most useful on the market.

Vogel’s RingO Universal Mounting System

Talk about getting what you paid for! This all-in-one pack for iPad 2 includes a holder, wall mount, car mount, and table stand for interchangeable versatility wherever you need it. Going on a road trip? Pop the case into the car mount to keep the kids occupied. Want to show off photos from the family reunion at holiday time? Use the stand to display the slideshow. And if you want to use your iPad 2 in the kitchen — for following a recipe, for instance — the wall mount is the perfect solution to keep the device visible but clean. The RingO UMS also comes with a free iPad app download for “WallTimes” just in case you want to turn your device into a large digital clock.

Hatch & Co’s Skinny

Anybody with an iPad 2 knows that it’s great for games and surfing the Internet, but it can be cumbersome to take notes or write anything of length on it; all the finger action can start to hurt. Hatch & Co. has solved the problem with its Skinny keyboard case, which touts itself as the world’s slimmest iPad 2 case with a built-in keyboard. Available in black and white, Skinny features a special surface with textured keys to enhance the typing experience and a battery that lasts up to two weeks (six weeks on standby). As if that’s not enough, your iPad 2 will automatically wake up when you open the case and sleep when you close it, further preserving its power supply.

Disclosure: I received free iPad cases for review.

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