Double hack – make a cheap metal detector, find a fortune.


It’s not often you get a double-whammy money-saving tip but this one falls into that category. Not only can you save cash by making your own cheap metal detector, you can find a fortune using it. Score!

The method uses some pretty common household items. In fact, I think everyone has an old calculator and on old radio somewhere at home. Modern technology has quickly integrated both of these old standbys into everything from MP3 players to cell phones.

I found this by going to a new site I recently discovered called Spongefish. Well worth a look, the video came from Metacafe, which as you know is a favorite of mine. All you need is an old calculator, a radio and some tape:

Direct link to page

Happy hunting. If you do uncover a stash of loot, old coins, pirate booty or The Lost Ark, please let me know. I won’t ask for anything from you…scouts honor.

[Note: As I have discovered, to my regret, the second video I posted here was a spoof. I immediately it the second I found out to avoid the prankster making any more money. Sorry.]

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Guest's picture

The 'Improved Metal Detector' is a spoof. By linking to it, you have ripped off Metacafe and supplied some scam artist with money. Come on. Worst waste of 3min 17sec in my life.

Paul Michael's picture

I'm no scientist, I didn't have everything I needed at the office to try it out. But I have removed that video. The first does work, I tried it myself.

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