Ends in 4? It's the final markdown

According to Atwater Village Newbie, savvy shoppers can tell when an item at Target has been marked down to its lowest price based on the last digit:

Full prices end in 9. Every time Target discounts, the final digit of the price drops. The lowest the final digit will go is 4. If you see something you want and the price ends in 4, buy it. You won't get it for less.

Apparently, Target has set markdown levels of 25%, 50%, 75%, and 90% off. A price ending in "4" should also be part of the 90% off level.

But don't wait until you see the magic "4" at the end of the price. An ex-employee on Consumerist once warned, "Rule of thumb, 75% is the lowest you'll see an item at."

Thanks for the tip, Alex

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The Target stores in my local area here in Colorado have a different set of markdowns. Namely, 15%, 30%, 50% and finally 75%. I've yet to see anything go beyond 75%, with the rare exception of seasonal merchandise like Christmas decorations. Still, I always hang around for 75%, as I know it will hit that mark before being taken off the shelves. It's worth playing the waiting game, but you may miss out on something (especially in clothing sizes). By the way, Target is my fav store. I love it.

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Many stores do this.  Not with the exact number 4, but there is a magic number for many of them.  Good entry thanks for the info.

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I remember that CompUSA did 99, 98, 88, where 88 was clearance. I've seen a lot of stores use the .88 for clearance.

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They send the misfit items to Goodwill. Well, at least they do in the Raleigh metro area. More often than not you'll see items with the Target tags still intact. Of course if you are a true Target bargain hound, you'll recognize the items right away.

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I LOVE TARGET=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=