Europe and back for $500 or less!!

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Want to see Europe but short on cash? Not sure you can ever afford it?

A small, not well-known German airline, LTU, is having a a huge sale on flights from the US to Germany. They fly from JFK, LAX, Las Vegas, Miami, and more.

If you leave before May 31, the cost is between $318 and $748 roundtrip (depending on your starting destination). If you want to travel this summer, it will be a little more, but still not as much as some of the major airlines. $548-$1048 for departures through September 9, 2007. A hint on fare, for the west coasters: if you can get to Vegas, it's a lot cheaper!

Click here to book, and enjoy Europe this summer!

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First time I've heard of LTU. I'll definitely be checking them out! Thanks!

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I tried clicking on JFK on the reservations page, and for me the fares come up ONE WAY, not roundtrip.

Sarah Winfrey's picture

I'm sorry it's not working for you, Kristina.  I'm not sure what to say.  The page I linked to has them listed as roundtrip fares.  My apologies that your hopes were dashed.

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The fares cost as much if not more than any other airline.