Last minute tips for quick and easy homemade Holiday cards. .

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It happens every year to my family. We think we have all of the Holiday cards done and in the post, and then we get one out of nowhere from someone completely unexpected. If you've ran out of cards, and want a cheaper alternative to those store bought cards, here are some quick tips from the card-making experts.

Personally, I hate paying the exorbitant price charged for Holiday cards. A quick a look around Target today revealed some nice packs of cards for 10-20 people, all with the same design, averaging between $10 and $20. Not bad. But when you only need one or two, that's a waste. And as soon as you buy individual cards for that special someone, well that's a different story. The average shoots up to $4 per card. Some were as much as $7! That's not good news for a frugal shopper. You could do the ever popular photo card, but when you want something different and unique without dipping into your pocket, it's time for a little DIY.

Now, anyone can make a card with bits and pieces from around the house. But it takes a little more effort to turn a folded piece of card into something that looks cool and says something about you, and of course, the person you're giving it to. I've made plenty of cards over the years using Photoshop, but not everyone has the software or the training to use it. So, what other tips and tricks are out there to turn that humble piece of card into a Holiday treasure? I found a bunch. Use one, use them all, and have fun with them. It's also a great way to get the whole family involved in something that can often be arduous. 

Use bleach for that winter effect (and a good second use for a bleach pen).


Glue, a rubber stamp and a little glitter, Simple but effective.


Scented Holiday cards. Annoyingly easy. (Using your homemade card of course.)


How to Make a Christmas Tree Pop-Up Card 


A more complex, but way more impressive, origami pop-out card.


Another fun pop-out card. Get some plates.


A quick way to turn a regular photo into a Holiday card.


A simple and unusual closure for this country Christmas card

Of course, you'll have to hand-deliver these cards now. But if you do have to make a last-minute card in a hurry, hopefully these tips will help. I love the bleach tip, I'll be using that one. Happy Holidays to all.

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Myscha Theriault's picture

Nearly everyone I know has the kids home this week. This should provide some really great quality activity time for families.

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How about forgo the traditional paper holiday cards altogether & send e-cards? Environmentally & pocket-friendly. There's plenty of websites to get cute cards (especially for free.