Finally - the time-saving, money-saving, sanity-saving 4 in 1 price checker toolbar. Phew.


There's one problem I have with being a thrifty shopper. Well, one big problem anyway. And it's that I always feel like there could be a better bargain somewhere else. I get buyer's guilt that I've overpaid, even when I've saved 90%. Because maybe, just maybe, I could have saved 95%. Or, 99% (the magic number...I have yet to see it).

Anyway, recently my life was made an awful lot easier by those clever techno wizards at . They've come up with a cool Firefox Toolbar gadget that allows you to search for prices on 4 well-known sites at the same time. That's right. One search does it all.

"What are the four sites?" I hear you ask. Well, they're small. Tiny. Ebay, Amazon, and I'm sure you may have at least heard of them, they've been around a while.

All you need to do his click on this golden link right here and you'll be taken directly to the web page with all the simple, easy instructions and the rest, as they say, is a piece of cake. Just download the plugin and get shopping.

Another great feature of this tool, which I now use daily, is that the results from each store are brought up in a new tab on Firefox. So, you can continue to compare and contrast each deal with ease. Sweet. Right now, is also asking for additional ideas for sites that could be put into the price checker search engine (personally, I'd recommend Froogle but it's's now know as Google Products).

The 4in1 price checker is top stuff. It's a time-saver. It's a no-brainer. And it's simple. (I wish I'd thought of it.) Many thanks to Kesav Mohan from for bringing this to our attention. Kesav, keep those frugal tools coming. We love 'em.

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I place a high value on my privacy and take strong measures to protect it. Using the search tool or the tool bar puts you on a mailing list at how-to-be-websmart and that will "occasionally" include third-party advertisements. Do as you will, but reading the fine print was enough to make me uninstall before even trying it out.

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Isn't that why we all have an email address just for that kind of thing? I have three of them for 'junk', I never give out my important one to anyone but friends and relatives.

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Hi - My name is Kesav Mohan, and I am the creator of the Ultimate Pricechecker.

We can really use your thoughts and feedback on how to make this tool better. But first: to address privacy concerns:

1. We don't collect your email address to use the toolbar or plug-in, so please don't worry about being added to a mailing list, or receiving third party advertisements from us. If our "terms" or "privacy policy" reflect that, that's something I need to change, since we pretty much used a standard terms and privacy policy for our site :-P.

We rarely use our mailing list anyway, as our readers prefer the RSS route.

2. You should know that we do use Google Analytics to analyze our site. If you've ever used GA, you know it's incredibly comprehensive, and it helps us make our site better (for example, by seeing what people search for, we can tailor our site to their needs).

How you can help us:

1. What can we do to make this better? Here are some starting points:

A. What other sites would you like to be able to search?

B. What other countries would find this useful? We are currently contemplating a Canadian and a UK version.

C. Which do you like better - the search plug-in, or the toolbar?

D. What other features would be useful to you on the toolbar? Please feel free to drop some answers here:

I really value your feedback.

Thanks to to Paul and Wisebread for the great post!

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how do you uninstall this? You don't have that option on your site and I can't find your program searching my computer - why does it have another name?

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I don't use this program, but like any other app on your computer, I believe it can be uninstalled by:

Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs.