Financial Tricks to Master for a Happier Life


Chances are very good that it's not the money we are after, but to be happy. Yet, many of us mistakenly chase the elusive idea of "having more money" and we end up working endlessly while we sacrifice our happiness to reach this goal.

If you want a good motto to live by, it should be this: The journey IS the reward. Here are five things you can do this year to increase your happiness. (See also: Big List of Things to be Happy About)

Make Only One Goal

The start of the year also marks the favorite time to make new goals, but we often make so many that we end up not reaching any. There's no shame in making just one goal and meeting it. The satisfaction of a job well done is so fulfilling.

Aim to Improve a Tiny Bit

Many high earners will tell you that they aren't happy with their income. This is because they are already used to the amount of money that they are making. Everything is all relative. In order to feel happy, make improvements. And it doesn't even have to be related to making money, either.

Weight loss, family ties, time management, starting a budget, and many other goals will all make you happy as long as you are making progress. The bonus is that if you are always aiming to improve a tiny bit, it will help you start a routine faster because you will feel less overwhelmed by a completely new project.

Shrink Your To Do List

No one likes to have things piling up. Try to stop thinking and worrying about what you have to do and just do it. You will be much happier with fewer tasks on your to do list and more accomplishments under your belt..

Swap TV Time for Activities Out of Your Home

The average person spends about four hours in front of the TV daily. That's time you could be using to improve all facets of your life, time you could be exercising, and time you could be spending with your family. The No. 1 complaint most adults have is probably not having enough time, so why spend any time in front of the TV, gaining weight while you bleed your life away?

Indulge Often!

No matter how much you love seeing your net worth grow, frequent indulgences make us happier than socking money away and seeing a bigger account balance. The obvious problem is that we don't have unlimited funds, so why not trade some of your bigger expenditures for small indulgences?

Instead of a big car payment, why don't you go out for dinners more often? Instead of an expensive annual vacation, why don't you go on a mini-road trip every month? By spending frequently but with smaller amounts, you will find that you get much more satisfaction out of every dollar that you spend.

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