Find and Track Deals on Twitter: The Ultimate Guide

Twitter is huge: someone is very likely to be Tweeting a great deal right now, and unless you know how to "hear" that Tweet, you will miss it.

Luckily there are quite a few tools that help to make sense of that clutter. The key is to choose the tool that will fit your needs and to help you to. Here are the best Twitter tools that can be useful for finding and tracking deals on Twitter.

Tracking Tweeted Deals

There exist multiple Twitter tools that make Tweeting and searching Twitter easier and more advanced. My personal favorite is Seesmic Desktop (you will need Adobe AIR for it to run).

After installing Seesmic, you will need to configure it to alert you of new search results. Go to Settings > Notifications and put a tick next to "Notify about new search results."

Seesmic settings


Now, search Twitter using it: you need to search for something related to the product you plan to buy — e.g. [laptop deals] or [Dell coupon].

Seesmic search


The search will be automatically saved and Seesmic will alert you of the newest results each time someone tweets the search term you are using.

TweetBeep is another way to track Twitter search. This is a web application that (after registration) allows you to set up email alerts of latest Tweets related to your search query.

You will be able to create an alert for:

  • Any key term (exact match or any match)
  • A set of words excluding any term
  • A hashtag
  • A Twitter user name
  • An attitude
  • A place, etc.

You can also set an email alert frequency and language.



Users Tweeting Deals

Most coupon aggregators are on Twitter giving their subscribers another option to follow their updates. You don't have to follow all of them. Here are just a few which I prefer .

Twitter account Update source Advantages
Buxr Buxr User-added deals and freebies.
Amazon Amazon Official deals from Amazon
Dealnews Deal News More tech related deals and coupons


Twitter Sentiment Search

A great way to find really cool deals on Twitter is to use "sentiment search" (the one that expresses an emotion). Many Tweets have smiling icons in them and Twitter search allows to filter those tweets. All you need is to include :) or :( in the search.

Twitter save sentiment


Twitter-Based Tools

There are also quite a few Twitter-based (Digg-style) web apps that aggregate Tweeted deals and coupons:

Coupon Tweet

  • Deals can be voted down (you should specify the reason: "Not a coupon", "Expired", "Duplicate", "Offensive comments")
  • Tweets are aggregated by category and a merchant name.

Tweet Me Savings

  • Tweets can be voted up, buried, shared via Twitter or Facebook.
  • Tweets are tagged based on the topic.

Twit Savings

  • See popular Tweets over the past hour, 12 hours, day, week or month.
  • Amusing interface.

Cheap Tweet

  • Users can upvote deals by clicking “It’s cheap!”.
  • Tweets from official accounts are labeled as "official".

Official Accounts are Twitter accounts that CheapTweet has verified are run directly by reputable merchants. If you see the Official Account Badge, you'll know that clicking on that deal will take you directly to the merchant instead of going through middlemen or 3rd party sites.

Cheap Tweet


Fun Money-Saving Twitter Bots

The bot What it does Notes
Buy it Later Alerts you of any Amazon item price or availability change. Requires FireFox addon
TinyMassive Compare product prices Based on the site internal database
ASKch Find out (and compare) the cost of drugs  


Any more fun ways to save with Twitter? Please share them in the comments!

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Good find. With Twitter sometimes there is almost too much information. so, thanks.

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Thanks for posting... twitter is a great resource but I often get spammed and the idea of verified merchants - sort of like a BBB for twitter deals is great.

I will post it to our twitter...


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Great twitter tips, I really like all the deals and sales you can hear about on twitter by finding and following the products and companies that you buy most.