Find Lost Keys Fast With a Teeny Tiny Tile

The innovators at tech company Reveal Labs have developed a tiny, low power GPS locator with a range of 150 feet. How tiny? Tiny enough to put on your key chain or slip into your wallet. When activated from an iPhone app (iOS only at launch) the device, called a "Tile," sends a signal back to the iPhone, showing the user where it is on a map.

What if the lost Tile is outside of the 150 foot range?

If the missing item falls outside that 150-foot zone or is stolen, users can mark it as lost, putting all other Tile apps on the lookout for the missing device. If any other Tile app comes near the lost Tile, it sends the location of the Tile to the original user without the other user knowing. You can download the app even if you don't have a Tile.

The Tile will be available "sometime this winter" for $25 each ($19 for pre-orders). The app is free, whether you own a Tile or not.

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Disappointed galaxy s4 owner

too bad it doesn't work on the top of the line android phones. its because Bluetooth 4.0 isn't stable on them. hint hint samsung!!