Flashback Friday: 106 Delicious Lunches That Will Make You Excited to Brown-Bag It


Lunch might not be as important as breakfast, and not as decadent as dinner, but it's still a meal you need each day. But so many of us are pressed for time that we either skip lunch, get quick and easy fast food, or are utterly bored with the plain sandwich we brought from home.

It's time to change that. Here are 106 delicious lunches that will make you excited to brown-bag it.

These 10 Frugal Lunches Are Delicious Hot or Cold — In the heat of the summer, who could ever get a hankering for soup? Well, cold soups are so in right now, and here are some other delicious lunches that taste good hot or cold.

15 Ways to Make Brown Bagging It Better Than Buying Lunch — When you buy lunch everyday, you spend way more money than you should. But it's hard to top the convenience and taste in a meal that's loaded in sugar and that you didn't have to make yourself. There are ways to make brown-bagging it way better, though, and they're all right here.

25 Quick, Cheap Lunch Ideas — With just a little planning, you can prep and pack a ton of easy lunches for the week. Oh, and they'll taste amazing, too!

11 Delicious Dishes You Can Make With a Can of Tomato Soup — Who knew a basic can of tomato soup could be so versatile? It's true. So stock up on tomato soup and have some of the best lunches ever.

20 Delicious Ways to Enjoy Cheap Spring Roll Wrappers at Every Meal — The wonderful thing about spring roll wrappers, is that you can put just about anything in them. I'm talking buffalo chicken, mac and cheese, or chili. And here are 17 more you'll absolutely love.

25 Great Non-Sandwich Work Lunches — Sandwiches are the most common option for lunch, as they're portable and uber affordable. However, don't let that be a daily routine, or you'll get sick of sandwiches quickly. Here are 25 excellent non-sandwich options.

What are some other lunch hacks we should try? Share with us in the comments!

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