Flashback Friday: 122 Scrumptious Super Bowl Party Snack Ideas

Are you ready for some football? The majority of Americans certainly are, as the Super Bowl is probably the most celebrated non-national holiday of the year. Come Monday, you'll hear countless coworkers complaining about not getting the day off to recover from the gluttonous consumption of adult beverages and salty, cheese-covered snacks. Because like Thanksgiving, the Super Bowl is all about the food, and a little bit about football, of course.

Here are over 100 delicious Super Bowl party food ideas to fill the bellies of you and your famished football-loving friends.

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Make 15 Junk Food Favorites Healthier and Cheaper at Home — If only you could make your own Chicken McNuggets and Slurpees that taste as good as the fast food originals… *Sigh* Oh wait, you can! Use these cooking hacks to make your fave fast food delicacies healthier and cheaper, at home.

What will you be snacking on during the Super Bowl? Share with us in the comments!

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