Flashback Friday: 137 Ways to Make This the Best Halloween Yet


Halloween is such a magnificent holiday. You get to dress up in wacky costumes, eat all the candy, and you don't have to spend tons of money on gifts or travel to celebrate. So whether or not you have plans for Halloween 2017, here's how to make it the best spook-fest yet.

8 Affordable Destinations If You Wanna Get Spooked This Halloween — If you live near any of these destinations, you can avoid the cost of air travel altogether, while still getting yourself and your travel buddy freaked the geek out by all the unexplainable, terrifying happenings.

60+ Halloween Costume Ideas That Can Save You Money and Time — No costume ideas yet? No worries! Here are tons of ideas that'll turn all the heads, without you having to drain all your funds.

15 Ways to Make Money on Halloween — If you're not into the costume scene, why not use All Hallow's Eve to make some extra cash? These simple side hustles won't take up much of your time, and will yield serious coins.

13 DIY Halloween Costumes for Your Pets — You can't exactly go full-on Monster Mash without getting the pets in on the fun, now can you? These DIY costumes are endlessly cute and easy to assemble.

25 DIY Halloween Treats That Trick-or-Treaters Will Love — Store-bought candy is played out. These DIY treats will leave the trick-or-treaters coming back for more!

13 Scariest Halloween Frights You Can Make From Trash — One person's trash can be that same person's Halloween decor. Because is there such a thing as too many milk jug ghosts? (The answer is no.)

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