Flashback Friday: 143 Fun and Frugal Ways to Spend Your Weekend

It's almost the weekend and you have no plans. That can be exciting, or also a little scary. Because when weekend plans aren't mapped out ahead of time, it's easy to default to the pricier activities like shopping — or to just skip it and stay home (again).

So instead of leaving the fate of your savings hanging in the balance, try one of these fun and frugal ways to spend your weekend. And walk into work on Monday fully relaxed and not totally broke.

19 Fun, Cheap Projects to Try This Weekend — Why spend all of your cash on a crafty item you can just make yourself? Enter the beautiful world of DIY and give these fun projects a try.

Make Your Escape With These 14 Affordable Weekend Getaways — A last-minute weekend getaway to Paris would be a blast, sure, but have you explored all of your local and regional nooks and crannies yet? Because with any of these affordable weekend getaway ideas, you'll feel like a tourist without spending money like one.

The 12 Best Weekend Activities for Introverts — Introverts don't need much in terms of outside entertainment, and they would prefer a 48-hour period of minimal social interactions. So if you're in the mood to hibernate and relax like a pro, here you go.

18 Awesome Things You Can Do This Weekend for Under $10 — It doesn't take much these days to spend $10. I mean, one bottle of pressed juice can cost more than that, in some places. So these cheap weekend plans are especially inspiring, and also a ton of fun!

Pick Up One of These Frugal Hobbies This Weekend — If you haven't given origami or geocaching a try, you are seriously missing out. Along with these other 11 frugal hobbies, your future weekends will be budget-friendly and extremely fulfilling.

20 Cheap Fun Things to Do With Kids This Weekend — Keeping the kids busy without spending much money can seem like an impossible magic trick. But quality time with the kiddos shouldn't cost a thing, and it doesn't have to with these 20 activities.

47 Cheap, Fun Things to Do This Weekend — Do not underestimate the enjoyment you'll get from watching a sunset or baking a pie. They're simple ways to spend your time, but aren't simple things actually the best things?

What are your plans for the weekend? Share with us!

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