Flashback Friday: 34 Smart Ways to Improve Your Social Media Presence

Having a social media presence used to be optional, and only for the digital journalism world. But now, having a decent following seems like a requirement if you want to run a business, successfully share your art, and engage with others in your industry. Here's how to improve your social media presence.

5 Surprising Ways Social Media Stars Make Money — Start by learning from the masters. Being a social media "star" is a thing, and they are making more money than most of us. Here are some of their best tricks.

7 Easy Ways to Clean Up Your Image on Social Media — Maybe you spent the first few years on Facebook posting keg party photos and trolling celebrities. Yeah, that's not a good look. If you need to do some cleanup, follow these easy steps.

10 Things to Stop Doing on Social Media by 30 — Those bad social media habits need to be left behind, because tweets and photos don't always disappear, even after you delete them. Employers, family members, and potential romantic partners can see what you're doing, so you might want to act accordingly.

How to Improve Your Finances Using Social Media — Once your social media posts are nice and tidy, use this guide to start bringing in some money on the side. Because once you start gaining a following, it's actually pretty easy!

How to Earn Extra Income With Twitter — Twitter is a great place to connect with people and brands directly. You can also use your account to make some extra money with sponsored tweets and other branded content.

Jumpstart Your Job Search With Instagram — Social media platforms can also aid you in your job search. Curate your feed and you might hashtag your way into a new gig!

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