Flashback Friday: 34 Ways Fitness Can Improve Your Finances

If you look closely, you can find helpful money lessons everywhere — even in your workouts. The skills required to get in shape, gain strength, and improve your balance on the yoga mat are the same as becoming a money master. Here are 34 ways exercise can make help you get your money in shape, too.

5 Things Yoga Can Teach You About Money — Mindfulness, flexibility, and balance won't just help you on the mat. They'll help you take charge of your financial wellbeing, too. Yoga is basically the answer to everything, even learning how to master your money.

Get a Great Workout for Free With 11 Simple Moves — It's tempting to splurge on the latest fitness trends, but finding ways to get fit for free will serve as a reminder that you have the willpower to remain frugal in other areas as well. Why pay anything when you can get away with paying $0?

7 Money Lessons I Learned From Martial Arts — Much like yoga, becoming skilled in martial arts requires focus and balance. But it also helps you strengthen your patience, awareness, and become more confident. And a confident, patient, fully aware person can do anything, even save money like a boss.

5 Things Play Teaches You About Personal Finance — Just as important as work, is play! And playtime isn't just for kids. Adults need time to run around, cut loose, and be silly, because it allows us to step away from a task and come back later with a fresh mindset. Your money needs that every now and then.

6 Ways Meditation Can Make You a Money Master — Although you don't necessarily break a sweat during mediation, it's still an extension of yoga and requires basically all the same skills. The only muscle you'll be flexing is your brain, but that's also the one that will keep you striving for a better financial life.

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