Flashback Friday: 36 Things You Should Buy Second Hand

Just because you need to buy something new, doesn't mean it needs to be brand spanking new. There are plenty of items that are perfectly safe to buy second hand that will still be new to you. And most used items are marked down so much that it's hard to argue with the amount of money you'll save by doing so. Here are 36 things you should really buy used.

7 Household Items That Are Better Second-Hand — Do you really need to pay top dollar for new flatware and appliances? The answer is no! You can find plenty of gently used kitchen and home goods that are still in good shape.

9 Car Parts That Are Safe to Buy Used — When it comes to your car, you always want everything to have as little wear and tear as possible, right? Well, that doesn't mean every car part has to be new. These are the items you can replace that are safe to buy used.

Thrifting the Perfect Designer Wardrobe — Most of us can't afford to splurge on brand-new designer clothes and accessories, but head to the thrift store and those same items can be found gently used and deeply discounted. You can still look like an A-lister on a savvy saver budget.

8 Things You Should Always Buy Used — Cars! Homes! Books! Tools! Why buy them new when they're an absolute steal second hand? Another item on this list: rescue dogs. And are you really gonna turn away from the aged face of a pup in need?

8 Creative Ways to Upcycle Used Baby Furniture — Buying used baby furniture isn't always a good idea since safety regulations are often changing, but you could still buy any of these items and upcycle them into something chic and useful.

3 Great Reasons to Choose a Secondhand Engagement Ring (and Where to Find One) — Thinking about popping the question? Luckily, there's absolutely no need to spend two months' salary on a beautiful diamond ring when you buy one second hand for way less. Besides, does your beloved want a giant rock, or a blissful, debt-free life?

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