Flashback Friday: 38 Money Lessons We Can Learn From Celebrities


Whether you become rich first, or famous first, the two eventually go hand in hand. In order to maintain that financial success, you need to be smart about how all that money is spent. Otherwise, you'll lose both. Here are 38 money lessons we can learn from famous people.

6 Money Lessons We Could All Learn From Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson — After his football career ended, The Rock had just $7 left to his name. He has since turned that into an impressive acting career, and millions of dollars. He never gave up on his dreams, and neither should you.

4 Money Lessons We Can Learn From J.K. Rowling — She was a single mom and living on government assistance when she wrote the first book in the wildly popular Harry Potter series. Rowling is also the first female billionaire novelist creating a brand worth $15 billion. She knows a thing or two.

7 Money Lessons We Can Learn From Beyoncé — Bow down to Queen Bey, because she knows how to manage her money like a baller. She might be one-half of the biggest power couple in the world, but she has also created a diversified career in entertainment, and could easily stand on her own.

Zooey Deschanel Never Pays Late Fees and 5 Other Smart Money Lessons From Celebrities — Did you know that Kristen Bell is a coupon clipper? Or that Mindy Kaling returns most of the clothes she buys? Celebrities are just like us! Even though they are raking in the dough.

7 Best Money Management Tips From John Oliver — John Oliver might be a famous funny man, but his weekly show on HBO often covers financial news stories that everyone should pay attention to. From zombie debt to creating a reliable retirement plan, John Oliver knows all.

8 Financial Lessons From Adele — Adele might say "Hello from the other side" of extreme wealth, but she lives a surprisingly relatable lifestyle. She shops at thrift stores and one of her most extravagant purchases was a plasma TV. I know!

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