Flashback Friday: 38 Ways to Get More Sleep Tonight

Getting a good night's sleep on a consistent basis will protect your physical health as much it'll protect your mental health. The problem is that with our super busy lives, sleep is always the first thing to suffer. It's time to stop making sleep an afterthought. Because it's so easy to regulate your sleep schedule with the right tools and strategies. Here are 38 ways to get more sleep tonight.

6 Ways to Get Prettier, Smarter, and Healthier While You Sleep — Wait, you mean you can improve your overall beauty, intelligence, and health while you sleep? Sold! These tricks will help you make it happen without breaking the bank.

11 Smart Ways to Get Some Sleep at the Airport — With the holidays coming up, many of us will have to resort to catching a few z's at the airport. It's not ideal, but also not impossible. Here's how to score a restful night of snoozing at the gate.

3 Ways Good Sleep Makes You Wealthier — In order to increase your overall wealth and achieve your financial goals, you need to be focused, patient, and driven. And it's very difficult to feel any of these things when you're running on a few hours of sleep and completely exhausted.

7 Ways to Boost Your Finances While You Sleep — Didn't think you could make extra cash while fast asleep, eh? Wrong! Here are seven ways to make your money work for you, so you can hit the hay.

Get Better Sleep With These 5 Great Sleep-Tracking Apps — It's easier to focus on getting more sleep when you have apps that track your sleep patterns and tell you how you can improve. Knowledge is power, after all.

6 Foods Scientifically Proven to Help You Sleep — Eat more to get more sleep? Uh, yes please. Have any of these as a snack and you could sleep more soundly tonight.

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