Flashback Friday: 39 Inspiring Stories and Tips to Help You Beat Debt


Having debt sucks. It weighs on you like a metaphorical stack of bricks piled high on each shoulder, pushing you closer to a pit of despair with every minimum-only payment made. Of course, having some debt is good for your credit, and helps to build a solid credit history, but most debt is just suffocating.

Since we're all still in New Year's resolution mode and working hard to stay focused on achieving our goals this year, we've decided to round up our favorite pearls of wisdom relating to debt management. Hopefully, these debt management tips will keep you locked in on clearing that pesky debt from your life — and sparing your shoulders from more suffering.

How One Couple Paid Off $147k of Debt (Even While Unemployed) — If you need an extra push to get you inspired, this true tale about a couple who got their finances in tip-top shape while unemployed will do the trick.

5 Inspiring People Who Each Paid Off Over $100,000 in Debt — Here are five real-life stories of debt-fighting superheroes who conquered their debt demons and are currently living financially, happily ever after.

How One College Graduate Paid Off $28,000 in Three Years on a $30K Salary — A common misconception about debt management is that you need to be wealthy in order to bring your accounts from red to black. That's simply not true, and this story of a college grad clearing over 25k in debt on a modest salary serves as proof.

10 Dark-Side Motivations to Get You Out of Debt — Ever wonder how exactly you ended up in debt in the first place? These common debt traps could be the source. Here's how to avoid them forever.

Do This If You Have Too Much Credit Card Debt — Credit card debt might be the most stressful kind of debt, because it's so easy to get into and so so hard to escape. But it is doable, and these tips will get you there. 

How One Inspiring Saver Found True Love, Shook Off Debt Denial, and Paid Off $123,000 — Paul Amato was a young dentist drowning in debt. Everything changed for him the moment he decided to face the problem head on and stay vigilant in paying it down. He even found love in the process.

How One Young Entrepreneur Paid Off $40,000 in Student Debt By Age 24 — The incredible journey of Michelle Schroeder and how she managed to clear 40k in student loan debt before she was even able to rent a car will truly inspire you. I mean, talk about impressive.

15 Great Things You Could Do If You Just Got Rid of Your Debt — Thinking about all the ways you could spend your time and extra cash sans debt is a powerful tool to keep you focused on your goal. Make a post-debt bucket list and keep on truckin'!

What are some of the ways you've managed your debt? Share with us in the comments!

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